How to Securely Backup your Salesforce Data using DataBakup: 5 Simple Steps

A recent report by The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Marketing Software Suites named Salesforce a Leader, with the highest score in criteria like Customer experience capabilities, User experience, Consumer privacy, Product vision, & Partner ecosystem. Today, when nearly 70% of customers expect personalized experiences, CRM providers like Salesforce deliver on these expectations by putting their customer at the center of everything and executing an integrated approach to data, AI, interaction, & trust.

Data is at the heart of nearly all Salesforce operations across all of its solutions, be it Marketing Cloud, Sales Cloud, Health Cloud, Einstein Analytics, Service Cloud, Paradot, Chatter or Finance Cloud. This data helps leading enterprises in streamlining crucial sales, marketing, service processes, and delivering exceptional customer service to their clients. But there is a dark side to even the best of things & same is the case with Salesforce data as well.

Even when data is held securely in the Salesforce storage, there is hardly ever a 100% guarantee of its safety. There’s always a looming fear of losing data due to numerous different reasons such as human error, phishing & malware attacks, data theft, external tool integrations, changes in configurations, and software and/or hardware corruption. In the unfortunate event of data loss, the company is likely to be deeply affected on the operational and business level.


This is the primary reason Salesforce enterprises are on  the lookout for long-term data backup strategies which ensure the safety of the data to a greater extent. DataArchiva Backup is one such flagship solution which is tailor-made to backup data in all forms of Salesforce solutions like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other custom-built Salesforce solutions. This highly scalable application prevents critical business data from all data security threats & comes with a seamless restoration option as well.

In this article, we will guide Salesforce users like you and explain how you can start backing up your crucial Salesforce data using DataArchiva Backup so as to protect your data in a better optimized manner.

Step 1

Install the Managed Package in Salesforce

The first step in the process of Salesforce data backup is installing the DataArchiva Backup application package from the AppExchange. For this, you simply have to log in to and type ‘DataArchiva Backup’ in the top search bar.

After this, you must click on the DataArchiva Backup icon, following which you will be redirected to DataArchiva Backup’s listing page. Click on ‘Get It Now’ to install the application on the server.

DB AppExchange

Step 2

Configure Amazon S3 with Salesforce

After you have installed the application package, the next step is to configure the external Amazon S3 storage with your internal Salesforce system. This is the location where all your Salesforce data will be stored after running the backup process.

Once the storage is configured, it will be seamlessly integrated with your Salesforce Org & you can proceed to the next step of setting up the components of DataArchiva Backup & configuring the Salesforce objects.

pasted image DB

Step 3

Configure Different Objects from DataArchiva Backup UI

Once the process of setting up & configuring Amazon S3 is complete, you can begin configuring your desired Salesforce objects present on the DataArchiva Backup UI console. Often users don’t want to backup data present in all the objects, instead backing up the data present in only some objects is enough, which is where this step comes in handy.

For this, you can simply select your preferred objects from the long list of objects visible on the ‘Configure Objects’ page on the DataArchiva Backup UI & then click on ‘Configure’.

pasted image DataBakup

Step 4

Setup the Data Backup Process (Manual/Schedule) for the Configured Object

After you have configured your desired objects, you must then decide whether to perform manual backup for those objects or to schedule the data backup process to happen automatically.

pasted image DB 3

For this users can select their desired option from the dropdown present on the DataArchiva Backup UI page. This is followed by deciding upon the data backup type, that is choosing between performing a full data backup every time or only a differential data backup. In case scheduled backup is selected, users must also select the time period for it.

pasted image DB4

Step 5

Recover or Restore (Single/Bulk) Backed Up Data through DataArchiva Backup UI

Not only backing up the Salesforce data, the DataArchiva Backup application also seamlessly & quickly restores the backed up data back to the system. Whenever needed, users simply have to click the ‘Restore’ button next to the Salesforce object and all the backed up Salesforce data from that object will be securely restored to the Salesforce system.

pasted image DB 5

Watch this short video to learn more about the process of setting up the DataArchiva Backup application.

More about DataArchiva Backup

DataArchiva Backup is an easy-to-use data backup & recovery application for the Salesforce data which offers both full and differential data backup services. The application not only safeguards the Salesforce data but also ensures that it is highly secured within the cloud infrastructure, doing away any fears of losing data users might have. Users can also schedule their backups periodically or carry out manual backups whenever they desire. This cost-effective & robust solution is truly ideal for anyone looking to implement a long-term data management strategy for their Salesforce system.

To know more about the application, please get in touch with us or schedule a live demo here.

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