Reduce Salesforce Data Storage Costs With DataArchiva

Purchasing additional data storage in Salesforce can cost you around $125 monthly for 500 MB per year. Salesforce extra data storage costs aren’t so cheap after all. Definitely not economical for enterprises that generate terabytes of data from their large Salesforce orgs and continue to retain the same in the primary storage space. 

For instance, you have got a ton of useful data in Salesforce and if you need to store Salesforce data for 10 years, the cost of storage can add up to millions of dollars. With appropriations like the right data management tools, it’s easier to organize, and tier the storage of data, archive and secure it for regulatory purposes.

Now, its time to ‘act’ and not just ‘react’ before your data storage costs get steeper to accommodate the data surplus. 

Salesforce imposes AI on Salesforce data, to generate more data on AI-driven insights. 

How enterprises are maintaining data will be the differentiating factor to win over. Better data disciplines need to be introduced before your data generation velocity overwhelms your Salesforce.

Impact of Data Growth in Salesforce

If you are generating large volumes of data that require better care for long-term retention, consider archiving your Salesforce data with DataArchiva. It offers not one but many archiving options for ‌Salesforce customers based on business purposes or governance needs. And, here are the reasons why it’s cost-effective

Minimize Your Additional Data Storage Costs with Cost-Effective Data Archiving

Archiving involves storing large amounts of data for long periods of time. To avoid the expense of extra Salesforce data storage costs, DataArchiva’s unique capabilities let’s you use your default Big OBjects to archive old data within the Salesforce cloud. 

Otherwise, it acts as an archiving enabler that integrates your Salesforce with third-party cloud and allows you to leverage your external cloud systems to archive Salesforce data within MSSQL, MYSQL, and Postgres databases, further reducing your archive storage & maintenance cost.

Toodles To Third-party Salesforce Integration Charges, Say hello to Connector-less Integration for Cost-effective Archiving

DataArchiva can provide you with multiple options for cost-effective archival storage option by significantly reducing your storage
Archiving Salesforce data using external clouds like AWS, Azure, Heroku, and GCP requires a third-party integrator or Salesforce Connector to establish a link between the two clouds. With DataArchiva, you can forget about connector costs. It can seamlessly connect your Salesforce app with a third-party cloud with connectors involved. 

Bid-Adiau to Data Retrieval Costs When you Choose DataArchiva 

Retrieving data from an archive can also be expensive, particularly if the archive data is large and complex. With DataArchiva you won’t need to pay for any retrieval costs. Instead, you can retrieve your Salesforce data from archives, with one click of a button, through your DataArchiva app

Optimize your Salesforce data storage cost with DataArchiva


Margin Your Security Costs for Salesforce Data Archives 

To truly ‘margin’ your security costs while archiving Salesforce data, it’s essential to consider an innovative and efficient approach to fortify the archival security bottom line.  Here is how DataArchiva stands out.

Savvy businesses invest strategically to manage data growth while bolstering data security. That’s where DataArchiva excels. It acts as a force multiplier, cutting through unmanaged data growth, securing sensitive information in tiered storage, ensuring compliance, and yielding cost savings, efficient data retrieval, and heightened security for a streamlined Salesforce data archival environment.”

No Ongoing Commitment to Data Retention Expenses

Salesforce also charges fees for retaining data beyond a certain point. For example, take Einstein Activity Capture (EAC) for a chance. As per EAC standards, if not archived, any Salesforce Einstein activity occurring more than 24 months ago gets removed from the storage & active timeline. You can request ‌an increase, which may cost you a fortune. Instead, if you’re retaining ‌archived data within free databases like MSSQL or MySQL, using DataArchiva, you can bid goodbye to long-term retention charges.

Therefore, quantify the cost savings potential by implementing DataArchiva in Salesforce, including reduced storage costs and improved system performance. 

For complete product details, download the product datasheet or schedule a product demo today!

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