Ways To Archive Salesforce Data Using DataArchiva


For enterprises wielding the power of Salesforce CRM at scale, the need for a robust archiving strategy is nothing short of essential.

As data in Salesforce continues to expand in both volume and intricacy, it becomes imperative for expansive enterprises to keep ‌‌data storage optimized.

Instead of taking the risk of removal, archiving the Salesforce data is makes a great choice. It helps to optimize data costs by reducing the volume of data you pay as additional storage costs and streamlines user access by reducing the volume of data that it needs to sieve through, safeguarding the user experience. 

Think of your Salesforce data storage like a filing cabinet in a bustling office. Just like the cabinet can’t keep expanding forever, neither can your Salesforce data storage space assigned per user. When you’ve got heaps of records piling up, the only way to keep things running smoothly is to clear out some old files while ensuring that your team can still find what they need hassle-free. 

This is exactly what DataArchiva is here for. A comprehensive data archiving app in Salesforce to help you remove unnecessary data ‌from the primary storage space as needed & restore it while bringing it back to live when required.

Data Archiving In Salesforce vs. Platform Limitations

Data archiving in Salesforce has its own limitations. As per the standards set for each Salesforce user, data storage limits & governance limits are the most critical cause. 

Yet it’s not always the Salesforce’s platform restrictions that pose a problem in archiving data. Salesforce being the favorite CRM for varied sectors & global enterprises, their data archiving needs are polar opposites of each.

Industries like healthcare & finance have statutory data retention policies that require data to be stored for a stipulated time period. This, in turn, calls for an effective Salesforce data archiving strategy

Hence for a uni-umbrella experience of data archiving in Salesforce, DataArchiva has developed a diverse margin with unique automation vantages. It offers a well-architected Salesforce storage management solution, scaled to handle archiving jobs for enterprise-level data volumes, for any way you want to archive Salesforce data using DataArchiva. Plus, it provides an efficient and cost-effective way to securely store, manage, and archive Salesforce data, minus the additional Salesforce data storage costs. 

Adhering to the purpose, Salesforce customers can archive data with DataArchiva in several ways. And, it can be broadly categorized based on the objectives. Furthermore, each of the categories serves a specific purpose and has its own use cases. Hence, it is important to understand them better before deciding on the type of archival approach to pursue.

Archiving Based On Archival Destination
Get multiple storage options to leverage using DataArchiva

Get multiple data storage options to leverage  for data archiving in Salesforce with DataArchiva

Based on accessibility, cost & permissions to archive Salesforce data, DataArchiva offers –

Native-Level BigObjects Archiving: DataArchiva archives your Salesforce data within your own Salesforce environment ‌ using BigObjects. Customers who do not want to move their data outside their system prefer BigObjects to archive, to enable long-term data retention within the Salesforce environment. This way they can securely store their old legacy data, free up ‌primary data storage space, and improve their application performance. 

Check ‌out this winning success story of our esteemed customer ‌from the US who trusted DataArchiva & implemented it for Salesforce native data archiving.

External Cloud Archiving: The DataArchiva external cloud archiving application is ideal for enterprises who want to leverage their own external cloud platform and database (PostgreSQL, MySQL, MSSQL) in order to archive Salesforce data, leveraging their own external cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP. This helps users to stay within ‌data storage limits and, avoid governance limitations, that prevent bulk offloading of data from the Salesforce app.

On-Premise Archiving: Ideal for organizations who want to archive business-critical Salesforce data within their locally hosted platforms. With DataArchiva, you can leverage the existing on-premise infrastructure to archive ‌ databases such as Postgres, Oracle, MSSQL, MySQL, etc, with 100% automation, security, and ownership. 

Discover more by exploring the comprehensive details provided in this pre-recorded session about Salesforce Data Archiving to External Storage Systems using DataArchiva.

Salesforce Data Archiving Based On Retention Rules
Schedule data archiving jobs using DataArchiva

Schedule data archiving jobs in Salesforce using DataArchiva

By specifying how often the Salesforce data can be sent to the archival destination and how long the data will be retained, DataArchiva offers – 

Time-Based Archiving: Based on ‌ retention needs, customers can schedule their archiving job using auto-scheduler. This ensures that data that is no longer required for daily operations is automatically archived and retained for compliance purposes, right from your Salesforce app on a daily, monthly, or yearly basis. 

Policy-Based Archiving: With DataArchiva the users can run different archiving jobs on the same data set for varying reasons, like audit or compliance, without slowing down your Salesforce app. This ensures that the right data is retained for compliance while also freeing up storage space for more daily operations. 

On-Demand Archiving: To stay aligned with the ever-changing compliance rules DataArchiva allows on-demand archiving so that it can accurately capture the required objects as per new proposals or rules. 

Archiving Salesforce Data Based On Internal Policies
Run custom archiving processes using DataArchiva

Run custom data archiving processes Salesforce using DataArchiva

To run a tailored archiving process based on internal retention goals like reporting needs, get added flexibility to archive records from Salesforce with DataArchiva by – 

Manual Archiving: DataArchiva allows users to select records to be archived based on specific criteria, with just a couple of clicks. This empowers more control over the data archiving process, with ease of archiving, a few to many records, hassle-free.  

Custom Archiving: DataArchiva also offers the ability to create custom retention rules based on your unique business needs. Depending on specific criteria, such as record type, data usage, or retention time, users can set up the process to archive. This further maximizes the flexibility of the ways businesses can archive Salesforce data, rounding off every need & walk where data archiving is possibly required in Salesforce. 

DataArchiva redefines the art of data archiving in Salesforce by offering tailored solutions that align seamlessly with your internal retention goals and reporting needs. Whether through manual archiving, which provides unparalleled control and ease of use, or custom archiving, where you can define your data retention rules to your business requirements. 

DataArchiva empowers you to manage your data effectively. This flexibility ensures that every aspect of your Salesforce data archiving needs is met, ultimately enhancing your data management strategy and helping you make more informed decisions.

Get this product datasheet to stay empowered & agile with your data archiving strategies with DataArchiva. 

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