This Christmas, Give your Salesforce System the Gift of Enterprise Data Backup & Recovery

Christmas time is almost upon us! As we head into the amazing festive season, it’s time to celebrate our achievements and prepare for the next year. This is the time when we create awesome memories with our loved ones, ones that we want to cherish for the coming years. But what were to happen if you were to lose those memories somehow or something were to happen to them? Won’t you feel shattered? Well, the same is the case with your data in Salesforce.

As everyone is working remotely, the current situation has turned very critical & risky. The risks of data loss in Salesforce have already increased manifold & are still on the rise. The possibility of encountering a ransomware attack or suffering from a data breach has increased just because of this ongoing pandemic. The management of such massive volumes of data is extremely difficult, so is its protection.

What’s the whole issue?

Data loss in Salesforce is a major concern for every enterprise that relies on its data for taking important decisions, planning future business endeavors, & boosting the overall business productivity; in short, all the enterprises. Losing data can lead to hefty monetary losses, interrupted productivity, unnecessary business downtime, loss of consumer trust, & difficulty in compliance.

As mentioned before, threats to the data in Salesforce are all around. The most prominent threat in the coming times will be ransomware. As such, ransomware attacks have increased by 600% during the pandemic. Given the sensitive nature of information & the fact that employees are working remotely, the risk of cyberattacks is at an all-time high. But something has to be done, right? Enterprises must have a solid plan to save their Salesforce data from this kind of threat.

How Backing up your Business Data will Help?

A good way to protect the data & prevent it from all sorts of threats is by backing it up in secure locations. Yes, users can create multiple copies of their operational data in Salesforce & keep them in any secure, long-term, & low-cost secondary storage. For this reason, users can leverage comprehensive data backup & recovery solutions in their Salesforce Org, that automatically backup their data. Let’s see why data backup & recovery solutions are important for a Salesforce enterprise: 

    • Security– Given the number of potential threats to the data, maintaining secure data backups is a great way to keep the Salesforce system secure. Simply knowing that a proper backup solution is safeguarding the company’s data gives its users peace of mind & makes them feel secure. But for this purpose, data backups must be performed every day & at a specific time.
    • Quick Accessibility– A quick & seamless access to the backed-up data is one of the greatest advantages of any backup & recovery solution. An effective data backup & recovery solution lets Salesforce users access their important data, irrespective of any unfortunate incident. 
    • Ease of Management– Hassle-free data management in Salesforce is already a task & it becomes even more difficult when backed-up data is being restored. Not to mention, the data recovery process, if performed manually, can be inconsistent. A robust data backup & recovery solution makes the entire backup process seamless & also helps in managing the data during the recovery process. 
    • Maintaining Compliance Standards– Several data protection regulations, like HIPAA, CCPA, GDPR, etc, require Salesforce organizations to securely store consumer data within their servers & a failure to do so results in heavy fines. A robust data backup and recovery solution helps maintain a backup copy of all the data which can then be tracked daily, monthly, or yearly for audit & compliance purposes.  
    • Controlling Costs– A good backup & recovery solution reduces workforce overhead, leading to major cost savings. By cutting back the need to opt for a costly third-party backup service, in case of data loss, the backup solution preserves the data’s privacy and helps the Salesforce enterprise in saving costs.

Now that you’re aware of the benefits of having a robust data backup & recovery solution for your Salesforce system, we’ll spare you the stress of having to look for such a solution. This Christmas, you just focus on enjoying yourself with your family & having an overall good holiday season. You can trust Salesforce data backup solutions, like DataArchiva Backup, to protect your data for you in the meantime.

Plan your Holidays with DataArchiva Backup

It’s time to celebrate and make this year, as well as 2022, memorable by implementing our robust data backup & recovery solution, DataArchiva Backup in your system. This solution, which is specially designed for the Salesforce system, will give you 100 more reasons to make Christmas much more special. This AppExchange application really helps users overcome their fears of ever losing the data in Salesforce.

DataArchiva Backup allows organizations to back up their sensitive data (both full  & incremental) securely to safeguard it from any possible disaster. This highly-scalable solution supports both manual & scheduled backups & also comes with a seamless recovery option. The application not only gives you full control of your business data but also eliminates risks of data loss & accelerates digital transformation. That’s why most Salesforce users trust DataArchiva Backup to protect their critical business data. To know more about this solution, please contact us or request a demo

In the meantime, make Christmas special by cherishing the memories of togetherness with your loved ones, but don’t forget to add our robust Salesforce data backup & recovery solution to your holiday shopping list. Happy Holidays!

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