Christmas in DataArchiva Salesforce Archive & backup application

We have all things Christmas at DataArchiva.

DataArchiva got a Santa hat. Our media handles got a makeover. Ahoy! ’cause we did it all without Kris Kringle! 

Team DataArchiva has always been a champion tasker, because team ‘Archiva’ are mammoth tuskers. Like not literally, but yes they are the best hustlers be it in product development or troubleshooting storage troubles for Salesforce data, or giving the best data protection options through backup, or being the first one to rock-a-role at Dreamforce events. 

In US, Christmas always exquisite! Moreover, America’s got ‘Time square’! Where the LED shows, neon lusters to dizzy panoramas stun the spectators toting in boots, digging in the snow while heading downtown to adorn the Rockefeller Christmas Tree. 

But our Bangalore city Christmas has mellow chimes with a similar charm. We would see busy bakeries, churches emanating frankincense, starry balconies, malls & bars with their best displays, and biking brotherhoods riding roads in close clusters. Even though it never snows in Bangalore, we have potlucks, dine-outs, and premium decors at DataArchiva headquarters to make our Christmas merry.  

Also, DataArchiva headquarters occupy a green perimeter at its corporate premise. Yet it was thoughtful to have a stand-alone Christmas tree right at the green hangouts of the office. Thanks for having a Christmas tree Captain Harish! For those who don’t know him, Harish is the CEO of DataArchiva and the mastermind behind DataArchiva’s data management suites. We wouldn’t have been this lucky without you Harish, and we promise to have the tree overdressed this Christmas, surely not letting you down on that. 

For team DataArchiva, the work premise is like our second home. A place where we can engineer, re-engineer, create, recreate and flex out prospects for DataArchiva as a future-proof data archive & backup application for Salesforce. Christmas is about celebrating the birth anniversary of Jesus of Nazareth, at DataArchiva headquarters, we try to align joy with a deviant connection. We connect our workspace as the birthplace of thoughts, on being the Lazarus for the rebirth of hope to see DataArchiva at its pinnacle. 

As we speak of hope, it’s not only ‘we’ of DataArchiva, but also the extended us as a giving tech community of this Silicon tech valley of India. For the past November, we gathered up a heap of goodies for charity to the school children in our vicinity. We made sure we were generous to have enough sports kits to encourage ‘play as you learn’. 

Back in 2021, our Santa wishlist was longer than ever. And to be true, for DataArchiva in 2022, Santa has been very generous to grant each of our wishes –

  • Entered data backup & recovery domain for Salesforce 
  • Extended its footprint to 10+ industries with its suite of data management products
  • Hosted its first-ever tech summit AIKYAM
  • Was among one of the sponsors for Dreamforce 2022 & showcased DataArchiva at the biggest cloud event in the world
  • Stole the spotlight at Dubai’s Defend Security Workshop for Salesforce with exclusive Sessions

On behalf of parent organization CEPTES software, we achieved two massive milestones as ISV Innovation partner for Salesforce; APAC Partner of the Year 2022 and Partner Innovation Award 2022

So, Mr. Santa, in 2023 we wish to run ahead in spring innovations, and a bunch of more closures by summer, it should be raining opportunities till fall to bag a heap of awards by winter. We know you like it old school. Don’t worry, we will have the list sealed, stamped, and delivered at 123 Elf Road, North Pole, 88888. 

Also do not forget to visit our HQ. It will be lit during Christmas! 

For those who are not joining our Christmas party this year, we have decided to place a 15% discount on purchases with DataArchiva. If you wish to optimize your Salesforce storage Space or save on the Salesforce cost, we are all yours. So, don’t shy away, let us be your Santa this Christmas, before the offers run off grab your discounts! 

Your Merriment is our pleasure.

Wishing you a Blessed Christmas & a Happy New Year.

Yours Truly,

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