Christmas Bucket list of a Salesforce Admin

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Everywhere you go…

Christmas Magic is in the air. The most joyous time of the year is knocking on the door. Tis the season to sparkle. Not to sit grinch. Being a Salesforce admin, you got hundreds of other hats to wear while making a gingerbread house. Your ability to juggle multiple balls will make the life of people brighter, merrier, and much easier. You know that. So, you need to make December to remember for everyone while Santa Claus is getting ready to come to town. 

So, here’s our Christmas bucket list for you! 

Before going in-depth into this blog post, make sure to sit at the favorite corner of your house, workspace, or anywhere you present right now with a plate full of your favorite Christmas cookies or a cup of hot chocolate. Because we gonna make this Christmas read enjoyable and memorable. 

So, let’s start!

Ensure the Optimal Performance of the Salesforce System

‘Walking in the winter wonderland’ can stay true to the word only if the Salesforce system functions extraordinarily (as an adult reindeer). Does it sound fancy? Let’s make it clear to you. Be it wisely choosing the Salesforce instances and plugins near the office to lower the number of network hops or by caching objects that slow down the system or by reducing the abundance of data or files — leave no stone unturned to enhance the performance of your Salesforce system. 

Be Jolly and Enjoy the Benefits of Modern Data Management in Salesforce

Do you think only sugar and spices make Christmas nice? No. We believe in the magic of advanced data management in Salesforce. This holiday season is the perfect time to jingle all the way to a brand new Salesforce data management experience that gifts you fantabulous benefits in return. 

We have nothing that shines brighter than DataArchiva, our best-in-class data management suite for Salesforce to resolve your pain points. And, we would like to let you know that DataArchiva comes with three major options to sweeten up your data management experience. Let’s see which are those; 

  • DataArchiva Native Archiving 

Here’s where we wrap your Salesforce data within your production org. Our data archiving application archives your historical data from Salesforce’s primary storage space into Big Objects of Salesforce at a native level automatically. That means your critical data never leaves its snowy home (Salesforce) even after the archiving process and so stays compliant with the guidelines.  

  • DataArchiva External Archiving 

If you believe in Santa Clause, you need to believe in the capability of your external storage system where we can stash your critical data just like you stash a gift box to your secret angel. Our external data archiving application archives your not -frequently used data from the primary storage space of Salesforce into an external database of your choice (such as Postgres, MSSQL, MySQL, Redshift, Oracle, etc.) by leveraging your favorite cloud storage system (AWS, Azure, GCP, Heroku) as well as on-premises platforms. 

  • DataArchiva Backup and Recovery

Data safeguarding should be very careful as making red wine with ingredients in the right proportion and as relaxing as making a Christmas tree. Our application helps you take a backup of your essential data in S3, SharePoint, or server by leveraging your preferred cloud storage system (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Heroku) as well as on-premises platforms. Our process is simple and lets you secure Salesforce data against all possible threats. Because you deserve much happiness in this season of happiness. 

Raise a Cup, Peace on Earth, and a Cheerful File Management Journey 

Let’s not let the massive volume of files cast a shadow on your wonderful holidays. If you don’t watch your step, you may end up underneath the mistletoe that will trouble your ‘awesome admin’ journey.  XfilesPro, the top file management application for Salesforce is here to help you with that. Our unique app with next-gen capabilities automatically transfers your massive volume of files from Salesforce to your external cloud storage system (S3, SharePoint, Google Drive, OneDrive) as well as on-premises platforms. That means with XfilesPro implemented in your org, you won’t get your tinsel in a tangle now and in the new year. 

Maintain Security Standards with Utmost Care

When wearing a Salesforce admin’s hat, you got no options other than hone your security management skills. You’re accountable to safeguard your essential data from common threats like phishing attacks, credential stuffing, account takeovers, and unauthorized accesses. You have to provide an extra layer of security to your critical information using the best practices and prevent the grinch who stole Christmas. As we already discussed above, DataArchiva Data Backup can be a great option for this.  

Write a Letter to Santa 

Now you have a Christmas bucket list that you need to be taken care of. You want to open presents and hearts and laugh loudly saying cheers. So you need to write a letter to Santa requesting your life as a Salesforce admin sparkle, shine, and stay sweeter forever. And we wish you good luck and hope to see Santa bring everything you wished for. May this Christmas do something extra with you!

Yeah, that’s the wrap! We wish you happy holidays!

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