Why You Should Opt for a Third-party App for Salesforce Data Backup

If your data resides within Salesforce, you’re responsible for it. Don’t think that Salesforce will keep a copy of your data whenever new information gets generated. It will never happen! 

Salesforce is a CRM application not a platform for data protection. So, it’s no longer a question of whether you need to partner with a third-party application for Salesforce data backup — you need to. 

However, we understand your concerns when opting for an independent data backup app for Salesforce. You will be running a lot of questions in mind like why you need an external app for this.

We got the answer to this question. In this blog, we will see the top five reasons why you should hire a third-party application for your Salesforce data backup and restoration job. 

#1. A Third-party Backup App will Provide You with Advanced Backup Options

Don’t underestimate the power of an independent backup application for Salesforce. It will blow your mind with its wide variety of capabilities and back up your data in your most convenient way with utmost efficiency. 

There are backup apps that create copies of your Salesforce data in any external storage location as per your demand. You can choose any external cloud platform such as AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP, etc to keep the backup data. The surprising fact is that there’re applications that can even leverage your On-premises platform to keep data copies. 

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Apart from this, such independent applications can also unleash a great variety of options for your backup job. You can make it either manual or automatic or can opt for different backup types such as full backup, differential backup, or incremental backup — everything by understanding your business requirements. 

In a nutshell, backing up Salesforce data with a third-party app means that the backup is performed completely on your business’ terms, not the app’s. 

#2. A Third-party Backup App Empowers You with 100% Data Ownership 

If ‘It’s Your Data, You’re Responsible for its Backup’ is the unwritten rule of Salesforce, the written rule of an independent backup application is  if ‘It’s Your Data, You’re the Owner.’ That means you are the one who is ultimately deciding the destiny of your mission-critical Salesforce data in the backup location. 

If your backup data can be accessed by unauthorized users, the purpose of its protection will not be served. So, if you’re the owner of the backup data, you can decide who can view, access, or use it from the backup location. That’s why external data archiving applications are stringent on providing complete data ownership for the designated users to make the backup data safe within the right hands. 

#3. A Third-party Backup App is Highly Cost-Effective 

Have you ever thought about building an in-house application for your Salesforce data backup and protection needs? If ‘Yes,’ you must have calculated the cost that comes along with it. It’s exorbitant! Is that something your business needs to spend on when you could have much more advanced, cost-effective backup applications available in the market?

Buying an external data backup application never lets your money go down the drain. Instead, it will bang for your business’s buck. Moreover, you can eliminate the huge manual efforts and time associated with building an in-house backup application if you partner with an external services provider. So, decide what makes more sense for your business.

#4. A Third-party Backup App Ensures Robust Support from Experts 

Whatever is your business, you’re loyal to your customers. You need to provide them with constant and wholehearted support and make sure that they’re getting the best of your product/service. The same goes for an external backup app for Salesforce. Once you made a purchase from a third-party application, they’re completely responsible for the backup and recovery of your Salesforce data. They will be at your disposal any time to clear your doubts, fix the challenges, or restore the backup data to the production environment in case of a data loss scenario. 

And the best part is that you will be supported by some stellar experts from the side of the third-party backup application. These are experts who must have been pros in delivering smart backup and recovery services for years and experienced in addressing a wide variety of concerns of the customers. So, you can rest assured that your backup is carried out by the best of professionals who are committed to delivering nothing short of a reliable and powerful backup solution for you. 

#5. A Third-party Backup App Gives You Capabilities Beyond Archiving 

Trust us, you will get more than you ask for from an independent data backup app for Salesforce! They keep an ear to the ground and come up with next-gen capabilities beyond Salesforce data backup and recovery. They will provide you with advanced options to secure your backup data in the external backup location, create a fake but realistic version of your organizational data (which is called data masking), and backup metadata to the external backup location which is equally critical as main data — and many other capabilities to elevate your backup experience. 

They strive to make sure that you leverage the best backup application available in the market, which is future-ready and above par than all others in terms of capabilities. 

Level Up Your Salesforce Data Backup and Recovery with DataArchiva 

Have you developed some curiosity to give it a try for a Salesforce backup application? Here’s the best option we have for you — DataArchiva. An out-of-the-box backup app for Salesforce, DataArchiva reimagined the regular data backup process by delivering exceptionally advanced backup, recovery, and many more capabilities for Salesforce users by following their compliance and regulatory demands.  

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DataArchiva takes the backup of your Salesforce data and metadata in S3, SharePoint, or even server by leveraging your external cloud platforms including AWS, Azure, Heroku, and GCP, or On-premises platforms by considering what your business demands. Unlike others, it’s the most cost-effective application with all superior capabilities (that we have discussed in this blog post) that will go above and beyond to ensure your Salesforce data is protected and is carried out through a reliable backup strategy. 

Do you think it’s better to see a live demo of the app and then take the call? Please schedule one with a product expert of DataArchiva.

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