Top Five Ways to Protect Your Salesforce Data

Do you really know the value of the sensitive information that you hold in your Salesforce app? If you answered ‘YES,’ you already know that you can’t afford to miss a piece of information from them. 

If your data is protected, it will help you build business continuity by fostering flawless relationships. What if otherwise? 

The unprotected data will drive unimaginable consequences such as stunned workflow, monetary loss, damaged reputation, and broken trust. Obviously, you don’t want your hard-build business to wind up in such a tragic way.  

So, it’s no longer a question of whether you need to take strong measures to protect your Salesforce data. 

However, Salesforce data protection is easier said than done. You need to know the different ways to protect your data before stepping into this game. In this article, we’ll discuss the top five practices that will help you protect your Salesforce data in a modern way. 

Let’s start!

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Implement Limited Access Control

Safeguarding your Salesforce data against internal attacks is as important as protecting it against those of external ones. In the event of a cyberattack, limiting administrative access can increase the difficulty for attackers to gain control of privileged admin accounts with significant authority and access. 

The Salesforce permission model is very advanced so you’ll be capable of setting permissions at the object level, field level, user level, and role level. By granting permissions at higher levels of the hierarchy in Salesforce, those permissions can be passed down to lower levels. This affords you numerous possibilities for managing access to your data within the platform.

Note: Once you set the permissions, make sure you review them often to rest assured that your information is safe and protected. 

Enable Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Asking the user to undergo more than a single level of authentication procedure is one of the intelligent ways to protect your Salesforce data. MFA demands that users validate their identity with multiple forms of authentication, such as user name and password, and use unique logins for third-party applications or security keys outside their centralized system.

Apart from this, you can create multiple layers of data protection in some other ways such as:

  • Security Keys: Security keys are compact gadgets that can serve as an alternative to passwords. These portable physical devices can be conveniently carried around and connected to various devices through ports or wireless technology, providing flexible connectivity options.
  • Authenticator Apps: These applications generate distinct and temporary login codes, which contribute to a more secure login procedure.
  • Built-in Authenticators: By incorporating fundamental MFA verification methods, such as facial recognition and fingerprint scanners, on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device, you can enhance Salesforce data protection. 
Detect Security Weaknesses and Configuration Errors

It’s very important to understand the data that you have in your Salesforce application, identify security vulnerabilities, and figure out the misconfiguration when it comes to data protection. A misconfiguration is an error in setting up the Salesforce app that leads to unauthorized access or manipulation of your data and systems. To identify the security vulnerabilities and misconfiguration, you can use the Health Check Tool that Salesforce provides or a third-party application. 


Detect Security Weaknesses and Configuration Errors in Salesforce


Examine Potentially Harmful Code Safely 

To minimize the associated risks, it is crucial to establish a procedure for handling doubtful codes and adhere to them consistently. An effective approach is to utilize an automated tool, which can analyze the code on your organization’s Salesforce and identify any malicious components. These tools are generally low-cost or free. However, for added assurance, it is recommended to conduct a manual examination of the files but the process is nerve-racking!

Conduct Regular Backups

If your business is newly launched or has been in the market for years, you need data backup to protect your very critical Salesforce data. This is the most recommended and necessary option you need to adopt at the moment. 

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Data backup is the process of creating copies of your data in a platform other than the production environment. Most organizations perform regular backups at least once per week to rest assured about its protection. However, you can use advanced data backup tools such as Data Archiva Backup to customize your backups and own the end-to-end process. 

Let DataArchiva Backup App Help You 

If you have preferences or you’re certain about how to back up your Salesforce data, DataArchiva’s backup application is the one to get our hands on. Our application automatically creates a copy of your live Salesforce data and metadata in SharePoint, S3, or a Server that you decide by leveraging your preferred 3rd-party cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, and GCP) as well as the On-premises platform. 

Backup your Salesforce data in S3, SharePoint, and Server by leveraging AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP and On-premises platform


Unlike others, we empower you to decide the destination and destiny of your data. So, we ask you to BRING YOUR CLOUD to OWN YOUR BACKUP DATA, which sets us apart. Moreover, we let you decide who can view and access your data at the backup destination. If it’s your data, you are the owner. 

Having heard this, are you curious to know how the DataArchiva Backup app can help your business with Salesforce data protection? Schedule a demo now!


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