In our latest webinar, we have shown you how the role & importance of data archival in Salesforce is rapidly evolving with growing business and data & how futuristic industries are going beyond archiving to master the art of efficient data management on Salesforce Cloud. We would like to thank you for joining us & making the session interesting & highly successful. In this blog, we are going to give you brief highlights of the key areas that we covered during the live session & how you can plan your data archiving strategy to tap maximized ROI.

Our live panel started the session by giving a sneak peek of Salesforce data management & how data archiving, data backup & file management are cumulatively shaping the overall data success of any business enterprise. Basically, this part of the session explained the differences between data archive & backup and how enterprises must have a clear idea of what their business demands.

One of our speakers and cloud data management expert took the audience through what are the direct ROIs that enterprises are drawing through archiving their inactive data from Salesforce to any secondary storage in terms of storage optimization & cost savings, application performance, regulatory compliance & most importantly Customer 360. In the next part of the webinar, we revealed how the state of Salesforce data archival is evolving with growing business & how enterprises are looking for a wider business impact beyond storage, performance & compliance management to achieve Customer 360 & bring all their data together to generate robust & customized reports.

A Modern Approach to Salesforce Data Archive to Achieve Maximized ROI with Complete Control over Data

With the ever-increasing role of data in a business, the need of keeping 100% data accessibility with you is significantly enhancing, and accomplishing this requires a future-ready modern archiving approach. Our experts segregated an ideal modern approach into two parts; ‘Before Archiving’ & ‘After Archiving’. Before implementing the best Salesforce data archival strategy in the system, there are a few things that need to be taken care of. These include understanding the archival needs (cold archiving or active archiving), identifying which data to archive, recognizing the archived location (the secondary storage), onboarding the solution, and the right approach to integrate systems (Salesforce & the Archiving platform). Similarly, once the data is archived securely, there are a few parameters to look at such as how to do the initial data offloading to immediately make the primary Salesforce storage optimized, the ability to view & access data, how to search any archived data, possibilities of generating reports, keeping data integrity preserved and the ability to restore data back to production whenever required.

The Role of Data in Transforming Salesforce Data Archive

A modern approach requires a modern solution that can streamline the entire data archiving process on Salesforce, and also enable the users with capabilities beyond archiving. DataArchiva is a one-of-its-kind solution that is readily transforming many top Salesforce customers’ archiving needs. By leveraging their own Cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP) as well as On-premise platforms, business enterprises are seamlessly archiving their data from Salesforce to any external database such as Postgres, MYSQL, MSSQL, Redshift, Oracle, etc. by just using DataArchiva and no other additional integration tool.

In a short span, DataArchiva has developed itself as one of the most preferred data management platforms for Salesforce with its impeccable capabilities within archiving and also beyond archiving.

Check out the webinar deck to explore more. Click here.

During the webinar, we also discussed one of the most popular industry use cases where enterprises are willing to migrate a large volume of Salesforce data from their live instance to their external database to make a large part of their Salesforce org empty so that they can avoid hitting the storage limits and save huge costs towards additional storage purchase. With its unmatched data offloading capabilities (1 Million records within 100 Minutes), DataArchiva is not only making the initial data offloading lightning fast but also highly seamless and automated.

While defining the possibilities beyond archiving and how enterprises are finding ways to generate reports from their data, our experts showed how DataArchiva allows enterprises to bring all their data from multiple sources like Salesforce cloud, archived platforms, and other external applications together and leverage any popular BI tools like Tableau, Power BI, Qlik Q, etc. to generate highly powerful & customized reports integrating both live & archived data. We also showed our audience how the platform made the global search of data possible to make life easy for a user.

The session closed with a high note when we showcased a real-time use case of a Fortune 500 company from the Computer Software industry and how they met their complex data needs with DataArchiva where they archived their Salesforce data leveraging their own On-prem system to SQL server with additional needs of 3TB of initial offloading, preserving the data integrity, 100% data accessibility, view of data within the Salesforce UI and much more. Ultimately they were able to achieve a whopping 50X ROI.

Talking about the ROI, in the last few minutes during the webinar, our Salesforce data management experts exclusively talked about how enterprises can maximize their ROI using DataArchiva. To know more, please check out the complete webinar recording.


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