Salesforce Data Archival: Integrating External Platforms – A Quick Recap

First of all, we would like to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for showing such massive interest in our previous webinar & making it a grand success. This inspired us to host such virtual events in the future & share valuable insights about Salesforce data management and archiving. In this post, we are going to give you a sneak peek of what happened during the course of the webinar & how archiving data in Salesforce is proving out to be a strategic move for many enterprises.

The webinar was hosted by our Salesforce data management experts Rakesh & Vedant. Both of them have extensive experience in rolling out enterprise-grade data archival strategies for some of the bests in the industry. Rakesh started off the session by explaining the role & importance of Salesforce data archival in today’s world & how futuristic companies are leveraging the power of archiving in order to optimize their Salesforce storage, performance & compliance needs.

While speaking about the top things to consider while planning an archiving roadmap for Salesforce, Rakesh explained the most important factor which is choosing the ideal secondary storage option among the different available ones. Salesforce customers usually go for either native archiving using Big Objects or external archiving leveraging multiple external cloud/on-prem platforms. Both native & external archiving have their own advantages & companies choose any one option depending on their archiving needs.

In this webinar, we particularly spoke about Salesforce external archiving. While addressing the benefits that external archiving offers, we showcased four major factors that Salesforce customers can focus on. The top four perks of archiving data outside of your Salesforce system are owning your own archiving system with a preferred cloud/on-prem platform & database, saving around 90% storage costs, seamlessly accessing & viewing the archived data, and the performance & compliance advantages.

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Next, Rakesh introduced the new & enhanced package of DataArchiva & how the AppExchange solution is transforming the storage needs of many Salesforce customers. While going through the capabilities of the app, Rakesh talked about some of the best-in-class features including auto-scheduler, encryption, metadata sync, data integrity, restoration, initial data offloading, view & access within Salesforce along with add-on features like archive data search & analytics.

In the second segment of the live session, Vedant who is our customer success champion gave a 3-minute super-crisp real-time demo of the app where he showcased how easily enterprises can archive their Salesforce data to any external platform with a few very simple steps using DataArchiva. Then comes the most exciting part of the webinar where Vedant discussed three real use cases of three of DataArchiva’s customers & how they meet their highly complex archiving needs. In between, our hosts showed some of the recently introduced capabilities of DataArchiva & how the Salesforce data archiving solution is setting some high standards.

During the final few minutes of the session, we took a few questions from the audience & answered them all before bidding goodbye for the day. It was really an amazing experience hosting such a lovely audience & we promise that we will continue these live sessions in the coming days.

Thank you so much & looking forward to hosting you in many more events.

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