WEBINAR SYNOPSIS: Mastering the ABCs of Efficient Salesforce Data Management [Archive & Backup]

Before anything else, we would like to thank everyone from the bottom of our hearts for showing such massive interest in our previous webinar & making it such a phenomenal success. Witnessing such an incredible response has motivated us to host more such virtual events for the Salesforce users in the future. But even the people who missed attending the live session don’t need to worry as we bring them this article which quickly walks them through everything that was discussed.

The insightful webinar was aimed at addressing the intricacies of efficiently managing the Salesforce data in the Org, with the intelligent use of the data archiving & data backup strategies. For the first time, this action-packed 30 mins long discussion was hosted by our Cloud Business Analyst, Anand Barai and Lead Data Analyst, Sambit Samanta who began the session by discussing the importance & relevance of Salesforce in the ongoing era of Cloud 3.0. 

After quickly highlighting some of the prominent means of data generation in the Salesforce environment, Sambit promptly explained the major challenges that crop up at the time of managing the Salesforce data, with special focus on the different issues that are specific to individual industries. Both of them then moved on to discussing the crux of the live session, the unlocking of the ABCs of efficient Salesforce data management.

Download the webinar deck to see the slide-by-slide presentation. 

First of all, Sambit talked about the A of data management, which is Archiving of the Salesforce data. He also touched upon the different challenges encountered while data archiving as well as some of the archival options available to the Salesforce users. This is where he finally introduced DataArchiva to the webinar attendees and highlighted some of its prominent features in detail.  

Then he moved on to the B of Salesforce data management, which is Backup of the data, and discussed why an efficient data backup strategy is crucial for an organization. This was followed by introducing everyone to DataArchiva Backup, the robust data backup & recovery solution for Salesforce data and lightly glossing over it’s features. 

Lastly, Sambit and Anand explained how different external systems can be connected to the internal Salesforce system under the Connect aspect of the Salesforce data, which is the C of data management. They then introduced DataArchiva to the Salesforce users and talked about some of its interesting features such as its awesome speed of archiving Salesforce data records. 

Don’t worry if you missed the live session. We got you covered with the recording of the session here

Before winding up, they explained how when all these three aspects, i.e., the ABCs are combined, they create an all-round, efficient data management strategy for the Salesforce data. In the end, Anand also shed some light on the benefits the users can expect when adopting this integrated data archiving & backup strategy in their enterprise. Following this, they answered a few of the questions posed by the webinar attendees after which the session was successfully concluded.  

There is a lot more in stock for our Salesforce customers as new and exciting webinars are planned for the upcoming months. Thank you so much & looking forward to hosting you in many more events. 

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