Salesforce MDM Strategy With DataArchiva

When we were trying to better understand MDM (Master Data Management) in fabricating the best Salesforce data management feature for DataArchiva, we stumbled upon a fine simile to explain the concept to our tech-development peers.

The presentation was on babushka stacking dolls and how it closely relates to master data management in Salesforce. For those who are not familiar with the babushka doll or nesting doll concept, here is the clue. It’s a set of dolls in diminishing sizes designed to snugly fit inside each other, barring the last & the smallest one.

Russian Dolls - salesforce master data management

And, it did hit the right strings. 

The idea was to pass on the gold-standard principles of Salesforce CRM to the core tool architecture of DataArchiva. In explaining the importance of data hierarchy the Babushka dolls explained it in the most disciplined way possible –

  • In order to maintain the record hierarchy the older record data always comes first (like the first and biggest doll in the set) which is less-accessed
  • The hierarchical ladder is inevitable for retrieving the records
  • For maintaining the stacking sequence the main unit/record is followed by a dependent record/units
  • Stacking records/units in the wrong order will break the stacking flow and thereby  inevitably lead to information/data loss

Today, we are a five-star rated Salesforce data archiving application in AppExchange, known for having the most high-level architecture to support Master Data Management in Salesforce.  


Salesforce Master Data Management Best Practices


Salesforce master data lays the foundation of the business process rules and functions, as it holds singular truth for the entire information collected throughout your product lifecycle. A data asset that your Salesforce provides that you never want to lose. If you are struggling to settle a unique MDM plan, you can set your standards while you are archiving Salesforce data with DataArchiva.

Here are the 6 reasons why archiving Salesforce data with DataArchiva helps you stick to MDM best practices: 

1) Meets Consistency

For a successful database transaction, one needs to meet consistency. That is when your Salesforce data is moved from the primary storage to archival destinations like Salesforce BigObject or to your own database via third-party servers (Azure, AWS, Heroku, Google Cloud or on-prem), data will remain identical. Hence DataArchiva is a trusted Salesforce connector that allows effective cross-platform communications without glitches.

2) Unmoved Data Integrity

Even if your Salesforce org has the most complex object relationships, DataArchiva can take care of all complexities under the hood. Moreover, when you archive your Salesforce data with DataArchiva it maintains the data integrity and the structure remains unmoved whether the data is residing in the live instance or is sitting at its archive destination. 

Check out this success story of a  Fortune 500 financial firm that simplified its complex org challenges with DataArchiva and optimized its Salesforce system performance. 

3) Effective MetaData Management

As per the best practices in Salesforce data management, Metadata sync in DataArchiva is one the best features to support MDM. A synchronization practice that helps to maintain the correct object directories, even when the data is viewed from a different system. A feature to maintain and update schema changes such as the addition/removal of fields, data types, etc. automatically.

4) Bulk Compilation Capability

Salesforce master data management would have been useless if DataArchiva did not have bulk data compilation capability. Very few Salesforce data management applications come with such standard sophistication, where they can archive bulk data based on any complex filter criteria along with child relationships at any level. Viz-a-viz its archival application can also restore one single record on call or demand, right back at your live Salesforce org.

5) Data Migration Utility

If you already manage master data in Salesforce that you want to archive, DataArchiva has got you covered. The tool is supported by a robust architecture to transform large data from your primary storage and migrate them to the archival destination. DataArchiva has a superior data migration speed compared to others to make your storage management seamless. 

6) Peak Quality Data Standards

DataArchiva is a compliance-first Salesforce data archiving application with a perfected data protection method to safeguard your data at the archival destination. Using its encryption-at-rest feature, it encrypts your archived field data at rest for standard/custom objects. Extending the data security protocols it deploys the highest standard of encryption technology and key rotation policy so that your Salesforce data can meet its long-term retention goals. 

Once you start with Salesforce data archiving it becomes a crucial component of effective Salesforce data management practices, but it raises a number of unique issues related to data integrity, storage, analytics, security, and more. DataArchiva has the most feature-rich data applications for ‌Salesforce admins to make your MDM in Salesforce simpler.  To learn more about DataArchiva’s capabilities, check out this datasheet

With DataArchiva’s Native Archiving application in Salesforce, you can archive all of your legacy data automatically to Salesforce’s own big data-based storage systems known as Salesforce Big Objects, ensuring top-notch security, seamless accessibility, a significant reduction in storage costs, improved performance, and data governance. 

On the other hand, DataArchiva’s External Archiving application in Salesforce helps to archive the legacy data to your own databases via Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, Heroku, or On-prem access.

Wait there’s more! DataArchiva can also backup your critical Salesforce data and restore it when needed ‌to protect organizations from accidental data loss ensuring business continuity, by enabling backup of standard & custom object records, full or differential backup of your Salesforce data, to object & record level recovery in Salesforce.

If you’re interested in learning about DataArchiva’s features in more depth, set up a demo today with DataArchiva’s Salesforce data management experts!

Want to Master the ABC of Efficient Salesforce Data Management?

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