What is Compliance Archiving in Salesforce & how to implement the best strategies?

Implementing an efficient data archiving strategy is not easy, especially when you are dealing with massive datasets. This becomes even more complex with a Salesforce system that allows limited storage. Salesforce admins are often troubled with unprecedented data growth & they regularly look for a strategy that can help them optimize their storage & archive data without going through the pain of purchasing additional storage. Considering the stringent & evolving regulations, it becomes difficult for Salesforce enterprise customers to best retain, monitor, and access all their data seamlessly. So what is this compliance archiving & how to implement the best-in-class strategies? Let’s have a sneak peek.

Compliance Archiving

Organizations deal with a massive volume of data & these data fall under different categories. If we consider various types of data that businesses are dealing with today, it will basically come under three distinct categories: Compliance, Historical & Analytical.

Data growing under the compliance category is retained to address various regulatory & audit requirements. Organizations from highly regulated industries like finance, healthcare, government archive data to meet data governance & compliance demands usually store it as a part of their record management, risk management, and compliance readiness strategy. This data usually includes emails, texts, files, social media records, business records, customer records, etc. Though access to these data is not very frequent, however, you can’t afford to lose accessibility.

Challenges in Salesforce Compliance Archiving

Enterprises using any digital platform require a strategy or a powerful solution to retain data in order to mitigate the compliance risks. So, it is extremely important to manage data securely without missing accessibility. However, as we already mentioned, Salesforce data management has its own challenges due to limited available data storage space & significantly high additional storage costs. 

The several challenges of compliant archiving that Salesforce customers are facing today are:

  • Availability & accessibility of all the compliance data, round the clock.
  • Not losing the complex object relationships.
  • Highly secured archive storage environment without exposing sensitive data to the external world.
  • Making the entire process of archival automated without much human intervention.
  • On-demand restoration of the already archived records along with the related objects.
  • Addressing different compliance laws of different regions or countries without using multiple archiving solutions or vendors.
  • Implementing a cost-effective solution that can give real ROI.

Recommended Strategy

Compliance archiving is not only just keeping the information, but also keeping the information in a compliant manner defined by regulatory bodies. So, what could be the strategy? How to implement a next-gen archiving solution that can really take care of your compliance data? Here are some of the parameters to consider while choosing the right archiving tool for your Salesforce compliance data:

  1. Derive data strategy for the next 5 years
  2. Derive archiving policies as per compliance requirements
  3. Define archived data location – Native (Big Objects) or External System
  4. Seamless accessibility of the archived data
  5. Data security
  6. Ability to restore

Power up your Salesforce Compliance Archiving with DataArchiva

DataArchiva is one of a kind archiving tool that can help you archive your compliance data from the Salesforce application to Big Objects at a native level. With DataArchiva, you can automatically archive all the old records along with the related objects without losing integrity. The application which is GDPR compliant will not only help you keep seamless accessibility to all your compliance data, but also reduce the storage load and potentially save over 85% storage costs. 

What else? The CRM performance will significantly improve with less data load on the primary application & also data can be restored back to the primary storage with one click. We understand your concern about the security of your compliance data, but as a 100% Salesforce native application, your data will never go out of your Salesforce ecosystem. The encryption feature of the solution provides an additional layer of security. 

Salesforce Compliance Archiving with DataArchiva

Get started

Meeting regulatory, legal, government, and internal data retention policies have become standard for many industries. In order to mitigate risks, manage costs, and complexities of staying in compliance in the front of Salesforce data growth, Salesforce enterprise customers can leverage the unique capabilities of DataArchiva & start archiving their Salesforce compliance data without any hassle. To know more, please schedule a demo.

Native & External Archive for Salesforce: A Next-gen Solution

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