What’s Next? If You Have Outgrown Salesforce Data Storage Limits
If you have outgrown Salesforce data storage limits, it can be a frustrating experience.  You may find yourself unable to add new records, or you may be forced to delete important data to make room for new information.  If you want to stay both relevant and within your Salesforce data storage limits, here are a few tips that can help you answer what’s next.  Evaluate Your Data Storage Trends  First, it’s important to evaluate how you are using your Salesforce data storage. Determine which Salesforce objects are taking up the most space, and you can consider archiving or deleting old records or attachments that are no longer needed.   Buying Additional Storage You can always purchase additional data storage from Salesforce, but the cost implications are unavoidable as your data grows in Salesforce. Especially for organizations that need to purchase additional storage beyond their standard limits. It impacts the overall budget and resource allocation for Salesforce usage. Before buying extra-storage space in Salesforce, here are some top ways to give your data storage in Salesforce a much-needed boost Archiving Legacy Data Data Archiving is ‌a modern approach to redeem; considering data storage optimization in Salesforce is a concern. Archiving Salesforce data to combat the data growth | DataArchiva It’s a boon for organizations belonging to the compliance-driven brackets who want to retain data for a long time. Archiving involves moving old or inactive data to a separate database, freeing up space in your Salesforce org. Implementing DataArchiva If you are on the lookout for a comprehensive data archiving application in Salesforce, it’s DataArchiva. It has all the adept features to adapt your Salesforce org. It can easily automate your archiving jobs, just whether you want to archive data within your Salesforce or your own database.  Archive Salesforce data with DataArchiva Here are a few adjectives that perfectly describe DataArchiva
  • Salesforce-Savvy – It supports archiving for any Salesforce app (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Cloud, and Healthcare Cloud). Also,  it can archive data from any integrated  3rd-party AppExchange apps or from force.com platform apps in your Salesforce org.
  • Data-Ethical – Doesn’t hold your data during Salesforce to external cloud data transfers and provides you with 100% ownership of your archived data, plus complete view & access of your archived data within Salesforce.
  • Customer-First: It allows complete control over how the customer wants to archive data. Users can create their own format; policy-driven archiving job in Salesforce with DataArchiva, on-demand. Further, you can set the archiving schedule to automatically run the process for the future on a weekly, quarterly, or monthly basis, keeping your data storage lean clean & effective.
  • Cost-Effective: DataArchiva can help you reduce the cost of storage, as it moves the data that’s not really in use to a database that’s ‌maintained internally. This way you don’t have to bear the high costs of buying extra data storage from Salesforce, but still restore the data to your live Salesforce instance via the DataArchiva app.
If you are opting for DataArchiva Salesforce, you can consider two options-
  •  Native level Archiving: DataArchiva provides a 100% native solution to archive within your assigned Big Objects storage within Salesforce. It’s easy to use, can be implemented in days, and is absolutely compatible with your Salesforce so that you can start archiving right away. 
  •  External Cloud Archiving: This option comes with ‌extra flexibility on how you want to own your Salesforce data archives. Connect Salesforce to any third-party cloud (Heroku, AWS, Azure, GCP) or onboard your On-prem system to archive data within your SQL, MS SQL, and Postgres databases without paying extra connector costs
Overall, DataArchiva is the best solution for managing your Salesforce data storage limits as you can align a complete archiving process based on your specific needs and usage patterns. And here are the five in-app innovations that make DataArchiva stand out from other archiving applications.  To get a detailed walkthrough of its features, you can directly schedule a product demo of DataArchiva with our data experts. 

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DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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