What’s the Impact of Salesforce Data Loss on Your Business?

Did you know that the loss of a piece of data from your Salesforce can take you a hit? A statistic from the University of Texas states that 94% of companies that suffer from terrible data loss disasters don’t survive — 43% of them never reopen and  51% of them close within two years.

Your business is no different from this scenario no matter if your data resides in a cloud CRM like Salesforce. It’s still prone to several data loss mishaps that can even lead you to shut down your business. 

Can’t you believe this? 

Trust this, it’s possible that you would accidentally delete a record or enter incorrect data as human errors are hard to prevent. Sometimes a natural disaster can destroy the piece of hardware which is connected to your system, within which the Salesforce processes are rooted, thus data loss can happen.  

In other cases, a cyberattack can also devastate your business dreams if a hacker breaches your org, steals the data, and asks you for a hefty ransom. Last but not least, you can’t ignore the possibility of data loss that a bad code makes. If there are any errors in the coding structure even after vetted testing, they would enter the development pipeline and cause terrible data loss in Salesforce.

Major reasons behind Salesforce data loss

Hope you’re clear that there’s always room for data loss even though the data resides in a cloud environment. 

So, let’s move ahead with the blog. 

How can Data Loss Affect Your Business? 

Can you imagine the situation where you find your Salesforce data is being lost? It will be terrible. Because just this can be a reason to turn your business upside down. 

Let’s look into some major consequences that Salesforce data loss can impose on your business. 

  • High Cost

This is one of the common and most scariest impacts of data loss in Salesforce. Because once the data is lost, you need to look for solutions to recover the lost data which might break your bank. Not only this, the data loss will also lead to increased labor costs and many other unimaginable expenses in short to medium terms that make everyday operations highly expensive. 

  • Productivity Disruption 

In the event of a data loss, your employees suddenly lose access to essential information that they need to do their work. This demands them to recreate the details, work around it, or focus more on the data recovery part which restrains them from doing their core jobs such as business building, product releases, marketing campaigns, customer service, etc. Mostly, such situations lead to lost opportunities and decreased business revenue. 

  • Compliance Actions  

If you remember the legal actions that hit Facebook recently for a data breach, you can easily relate the scenario to your business. Your enterprise will be subjected to legal action as you lose the confidential data of your business, clients, partners, associates, etc. Apart from this, data loss in Salesforce is a clear violation of data retention policies in your compliance which will bring even more consequences including huge amounts of penalties. 

  • Broken Trust 

Studies show that a vast majority of organizations that suffered data loss have also suffered reputational damage. In this digitalized world, news spread fast as wildfire. And your hard build business doesn’t want to end up as a headline for all the wrong reasons. You will lose people’s trust. Customers won’t renew your product/service. Your partners and associates will hold back your relationship. All these will collectively contribute to a damaged reputation and zero trust among people. 

  • Stunned Business Continuity 

Will you have a second thought if we say Salesforce data loss can break off your business operations? No, because you know how your activities are dependent on Salesforce data. The unfortunate event will cease your operations and increase the data downtime (the period of time when your data is missing, erroneous, or partial), which brings high losses to your business including monetary and reputational. 

What is the Best Way to Dodge the Fear of Salesforce Data Loss?

Don’t look beyond ‘data backup,’ if you’re looking for a solution to overcome this challenge. Data backup in Salesforce is the process of creating a copy of your live business data in an environment (that is reliable) other than the org. So, during a data loss scenario, you can restore the data to Salesforce’s primary storage location — that means no money loss, no data downtime, no compliance actions, and no reputational threats. 

Now, let’s see the best option available to protect and back up your Salesforce data against threats. 

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DataArchiva Backup: The Most Recommended Choice for Salesforce Data Backup

DataArchiva’s backup application for Salesforce is the best you can find today for your modern backup needs. The application automatically takes the backup of your Salesforce data and metadata in S3, SharePoint, or server as per your need by leveraging your third-party cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, and GCP) or On-premises platform. 

What makes us stand out is our emphasis on your preference for the backup process and data. So, we ask you to BRING YOUR CLOUD to OWN YOUR DATA. That means you’re the ultimate controller of your backup data with the privilege to decide who can view and access your information in the external environment.

Having heard this, are you curious to learn more about DataArchiva’s backup application? If yes, schedule a demo with one of our product experts and know our application can prevent all possible data loss scenarios in Salesforce.


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