The buzz is everywhere! The world is raring to go to San Francisco. Because — Dreamforce is back home for its 20th anniversary!

With three days of action-packed sessions, hundreds and thousands of fresh content, groundbreaking product innovations, fun, and giving back – Dreamforce 2022 will be a big blast that the Trailblazers excitedly await! As the rumors say, the star conference of Salesforce is going to be like no other this year as it’s 20 years of Dreamforce.

This time, we’re bouncing off the walls to make it to San Francisco like nobody! You know why? There’s a surprise we’ve in store! We will unfold it as this article ends. So, keep on reading the post as you have no other options!

Now, let’s come to our main point. Why do you need to meet team DataArchiva at Moscone Campground, Booth #341?

There are many reasons to consider meeting the product experts of the number one data archiving platform for Salesforce! Let’s look into a few of them:

To Own a 100% Reliable Data Archiving Strategy for Salesforce

Data is a valuable enterprise asset. Enabling an intelligent data management strategy while ensuring strong data security sounds like a tough nut to crack for most businesses. Knowing this firsthand, DataArchiva stepped into the picture as a robust data management platform for Salesforce that ensures 100% data security. Our next-gen data archiving application for Salesforce is built to reimagine your data management experience on Salesforce by archiving data from Salesforce to your external cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP) or on-premise platforms.

To Strictly Adhere to Your Data Regulation Policies

There’s no getting around the legal and regulatory compliances when it comes to data. DataArchiva follows your business’s compliance norms and consumer privacy protocols very strongly. Our modern application ensures the security of the migration of sensitive data such as PII following GDPR guidelines from Salesforce. Plus, the data retention laws with stringent privacy policies such as HIPAA, CCPA, and CPRA among others are also covered by DataArchiva, ensuring that your organization can transfer and access data without putting the consumer at risk.

To Improve your App Performance & Employee Productivity

No more long-waiting while loading a page in Salesforce! With a modern archiving system in place, all your performance-related issues will go away. With DataArchiva, always keep your Salesforce org optimized and loading time minimized. Your sales reps and service agents can now use the CRM to its fullest potential which will help them streamline their critical business processes and thus, improve overall productivity.

That said, this is how unique we are! Get ready to see more superpowers of DataArchiva at Dreamforce 2022! And get a 20% discount on DataArchiva implementation and premium support at an exclusive price! Yeah, we can feel your delirium to visit our booth! See you there!

Now, the time is here to unfold the surprise you have been waiting for!

Here you go…

Introducing our Data Management Suite (DMS) for Salesforce in Dreamforce

This is a long cherished dream for us. To introduce our comprehensive Data Management Suite (DMS) for Salesforce powered by CEPTES Software at the world’s largest tech conference. With the recent rollout of XfilesPro DocuPrime, our modern document generator for Salesforce, our DMS is ready to hit the ground running as a complete data management suite with unique capabilities. Our DMS is built out of five next-gen applications including native and external data archiving apps, a data backup and recovery app, an advanced file management app, and finally, a document generation and e-sign application. Truly a one-stop solution for all your data and file/document management needs in Salesforce!

So, make your plans to visit us at our booth on your Dreamforce days. And schedule a meeting with our product experts now to make this happen! Together, let’s see how we can help each other to grow and thrive in this dynamic ecosystem.

Book a meeting with our team at Dreamforce to;

  • Learn more about our Data Management Suite for Salesforce
  • Explore various partnership models & benefits
  • Watch live demos
  • 20% Discount on implementation and GET PREMIUM SUPPORT at an exclusive price

Use this link to easily sign up for Dreamforce and to schedule a meeting with us: https://www.dataarchiva.com/dreamforce-2022/

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DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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