DataArchiva Thanksgiving - Data Archiving and Backup Application for Salesforce


Pecan pie or Pumpkin pie? It’s tough to choose… Can we have both? 

Thanksgiving anxiety is not leaving your back anytime soon. Take a sip on your favorite caffeine kick, relax and read, before you run off to the store and stock up for more.

We tried out every hack possibly available on the internet to keep our thanksgiving week as relaxed as possible. None worked. At first, we thought of having a gratitude list early this year and pre-prepared for a few guest invites. We guess cutting down on day-of chores wasn’t our thing after all. Eleventh-hour calls were never-ending and we hardly got enough time to sit and decide. Year-end rush and closures have kept us busy in the last few days and we started losing hope. 

Later we thought of throwing a corporate thanksgiving with lavish catering followed by a tailgate party or say arranging a potluck for a change. Amidst the neverending ideathons, we were still missing out on something. 

Something as fundamental as sharing some heartfelt gratitude to our very own DataArchiva team, who made all of it possible. 

Henceforth, friends, partners, and all our valuable customers, here is to you. “This thanksgiving may you all cherish a cornucopia of pleasure”

Thanksgiving traditions can never go out of trend. Because it disciplines us to quit procrastinating and be quickly productive. Think about how much effort actually goes into plating a chicken dinner for five plus extras which we would have easily compensated with a Nutella-jam toast on a regular day. Over the years,  we have learned to make cranberry sauce out of plain cranberries and pumpkin pie out of a rather bland puree. Each year we make small changes in our lives and try to make them better. 

So, was the journey of DataArchiva. It had a humble beginning until we nurtured it to make it a popular data archiving & backup application for Salesforce. Before your turkey starts getting a cold foot let’s live the moments once again while we speak the words of gratitude. 

Mightiest Gratitude to Salesforce

It took us a mighty call to bridge ourselves as Salesforce Partners. Hearty thanks to the entire Salesforce ecosystem to carve the niche for DataArchiva, placing it atop the competitive margins as a Salesforce archiving & backup application. Currently, we are the only independent software vendor (ISV) at the Salesforce AppExchange to surface a 100% Native Data Archive Application using Big Objects. 

And, memories that DataArchiva has made with Salesforce, are here to last for a lifetime. Thanks for remembering us every year and staging us as exclusives. The freshest memories were sharing the Partner Innovation Award in the ISV Innovation category in Salesforce this year, which we received on behalf of our parent organization CEPTES software. 

As we resolved our way further, you have shone the spotlight once again as the coveted APAC Partner of the Year 2022.

Thanks for being the strongest pillar of support in helping CEPTES to bring DataArchiva into the picture. Let’s do turkey tweeps this time. Agreed?

Gratitude Goes Mightier for Our Partners

We are not done yet. Realities and interests are reflected in alliances and partnerships, and that’s how we are able to maintain the sales funnel for DataArchiva. Deepest gratitude for the business boost that has got us rolling in the coveted Salesforce ecosystem. Moreover, it’s invaluable insights that we bagged to test out our product features and push it off-the-production pipeline. As we ‘grow’ with the flow let’s not forget, we need to tally our budget for the next turkey feast. 

Greater Gratitudes for Our Amazing Customers

Hoping that our attitude towards gratitude had been polite throughout the year. If we have disappointed you at any instance of our interaction, the DataArchiva team would be more than happy to help. We strive to establish strong goodwill with our customers, a relationship that can last a product’s lifetime. Also, it’s our ethical responsibility to keep your stations secure for seamless installations at your Salesforce org. 

Thank you for the confidence you had in our data archiving potential as it helped DataArchiva to have 20+ product releases in a 4 years timeline. Instead of exchanging a thanksgiving turkey, we can even out the greetings in exchange for valuable feedback. Agreed? 

Even Louder Cheers for Team DataArchiva

Dear teammates, thanks for all the support and the hard work you have put into DataArchiva and made each move count for our sky-high expectations. You helped us to look through the rose-tinted glasses and maintain the considerable ingenuity employed in building a tool. It’s you who make data archiving look easy for Salesforce. For a mood lift, here is what you have archived so far:

  • A Salesforce data archiving app with emotions
  • Can see through customer’s pain points 
  • Intelligent enough to alert its user’s data usage limitations
  • An on-premise archiving experience for Salesforce
  • Data Archiving on one click
  • Seamless migration of large volumes of data
  • Application that understands compliance

And effortless recovery features with zero risk of data loss. That’s really smart. Kudos on having the lead on DataArchiva. Let’s move back to our Thanksgiving plan, shall we? 

If you have reached this far then Kudos!

Visit our Contact Us Page to avail special Thanksgiving discounts! Get a demo today! 

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DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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