5 AI Beats that You Can't Miss at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 24

Salesforce World Tour Sydney ’24 is going to bedazzle the trailblazers with an ultimate showdown on CRM + AI + Data + Trust.

Salesforce has a packed agenda to debunk the hallucinations around ‘Einstein Generative AI’ so that businesses can inject a staggering  $115 billion into the Australian economy.

They will be moving on with lots of sticky agendas around AI with piles of content, and parallel events this time around the Sydney World Tour it’s very easy to get boggled by the all-stars.

Try out this list to map the activities better.

#1 Get Blown by at Campground AI Theatre Sessions 

This year’s Customer 360 Theatre and Workshop Sessions at Sydney World Tour has seven sessions lined up, with promising presentations on how Salesblazers can sprint sales cycles with the gift of Gen AI, practical use cases of service AI, AI-powered optimizations to send more targeted emails, discussions on Data Cloud, Slack Automation and many more.

#2 Expound How to Establish a Rich AI Culture in Salesforce

Above all, if you are an admin evangelist who’s passionate about responsible AI,  do not miss out on this – “Kick Start Your AI Culture with Transparency by Design”. It will be joined by Data61 projects and tools driven by CISCO’s research wing, one of Australia’s leading units to help businesses, governments, and industries with data-centric digital transformations. This time the agenda is to explain AI governance for Salesforce users to meet regulators & investor expectations. The listed AEDT time of the mentioned is 3 PM, Campground, AI Theatre, ICC Sydney.

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#3 AI Session for All Industries at Breakout D

Opportunity to learn, implement & win with AI for CRM. Whether you’re a seasoned sales professional or just dipping your toes into the AI waters, this session will arm you with the tools you need to thrive in the ever-evolving Salesforce ecosystem with AI confidence. This session on “Ready or Not: How to Lead a Data and AI Ready Organisation” is a topic that covers ‌AI strategies for all industries. The presentation will be hosted by Salesforce’s Innovation Design team, a group of lateral thinkers providing strategies for navigating the AI landscape in Salesforce with confidence.

#4 Enter the Future of Salesforce with AI & Hyperautomation Frontier 

Picture yourself at the forefront with an engine powering your Salesforce expedition, streamlining processes, automating tasks, and propelling us towards greater productivity and success. Catch up for the ‌‌session on – ”MuleSoft: Experience the Future of AI and Hyperautomation” and learn how to transform employee and customer experiences using integration, automation, and API management.

#5 Watch for AI Innovations at Partner Theatre Sessions

Trailblazers on the lookout for trusted apps in the Salesforce marketplace that can drive digital transformations, Partner Theatre sessions are perfect to hook on. If you want to draw level with AI marvels at Salesforce, you can also attend the session by Australia’s Aged Care Systems on how to drive AI for better outcomes for citizens and employees, and how IBM is reshaping customer experience with AI, Simplus on harnessing GenAI for banking and finance and so on.

If you are searching for tools for Salesforce that are stellar at bringing innovation beyond AI, we recommend checking out the Partner Theatre Session on – Document Management with XfilesPro: Smarter, Faster, Better, to unlock operational efficiencies in Salesforce, and reap cost benefits through automated document management.

Is Your Business Aware Of The New Rules For AI Use in Salesforce?

For AI to be effective for businesses using Salesforce needs to follow two rules –

  • Maintain your data relevancy
  • Get through with data standards

If you have not yet optimized the governance standards for your Salesforce data, it is high time to sort the first things first.

The good news is, that the DataArchiva crew is flying to Sydney at the Salesforce World Tour with their data gurus on board. If you want to run through the groundwork of your Salesforce data to be more productive AI, get in touch with us on 28th Feb 2024 at ICC Sydney.

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