A Recap of Sydney World Tour 2023: A Year Later, Stronger in ANZ

It wouldn’t be a surprise if someone says hosting – a Salesforce World Tour for ANZs can narrow down the tech recession in Australia, by at least a few cents.

The reason is that Salesforce is a ‘Customer Company’.

Losing customer confidence has always had a rumbling effect on ‌ expanding economies, growing with Salesforce is a confident uptick to outshine businesses that strive for customer success. 

Even the fastest (and most disruptive) insurance company in Australia, Insure 247 uses Salesforce to manage its ever-growing customer base. As a tech disruptor & recognized as Salesforce APAC Innovation ISV Partner, that too for two consecutive years, we had to pay a visit. 

Set the Stage, Ready, Steady & Engage

We joined as a proud Salesforce partner and Platinum Sponsor of the Sydney event during the World Tour last year. It’s truly inspiring ‌how Salesforce can inspire the #1 sporting nation in the world that adores the CRM. Formula 1 even has an experience booth to show off how Salesforce is helping them ‌reach out to more fans by making their every second count. 

They are ‌not the only customers who are boosting the productivity of their sales reps & service agents. Salesforce has also invited their ISV, SI partners, and others who are boosting their platform’s health with their apps, tools, and IT services to create a well-balanced ecosystem.

Riding the buzz, we made our debut at Sydney World Tour ’23 as the true data guardians for Salesforce.

Last year's pic of DataArchiva at Salesforce Sydney World Tour Before the D day

Archive & Backup Experts at Salesforce World Tour Sydney

At a busy one-day event where each corner screamed customer success 360, we shared the spotlight while shining awareness on how the right strategies are needed to store and manage customer data. The agenda was to elevate trust and confidence in business. Hence, last year’s ‌ theme was all about “How to earn 100% ownership & control of your Salesforce data with compliance & security” featuring DataArchiva, our master product.

Last year's pic of DataArchiva at Salesforce Sydney World Tour Engaging Trailblazers

Many joined us at our booth discussing their data governance challenges in Salesforce, and how their legacy data management solutions could not commit to complete ownership of the business. Many were concerned about how to have efficient backup and recovery in Salesforce. We felt more responsible to have addressed them holistically, ensuring every aspect was accounted for and how we are ensuring that needs were met at the click of a button.

Bridging Connections and Celebrating Milestones

At every Salesforce World Tour convention, technology takes center stage, emphasizing that it’s not just about cloud centers, they engage each attendee with immersive experiences like keynote sessions, Demo Jams, Partner Theater Sessions, Trailhead Learning Camps, and Trailblazer Forests to get hands-on with Salesforce.  

Sporting our signature red tees, as we drew more crowds at the DataArchiva booth we also managed to garner a full house at the Customer Success Session. Amid the post-lunch networking activities, we seized the opportunity to connect with fellow customers, and partners who are well aware of our presence for Salesforce in Australia.

Last year's pic of DataArchiva at Salesforce Sydney World Tour Customer Success Session Partner Theater 1

The day concluded with the DemoJam, perfecting the finale of our day, where we showcased DataArchiva’s capabilities with passion and pride. While we may have missed out on clinching the top spot, the experience was invaluable, reinforcing our commitment to excellence. 

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Salesforce for entrusting us with the role of Platinum Sponsor and to all the trailblazers who visited our booth, contributing to the success of the event and adoring our presence. 

Last year's pic of DataArchiva at Salesforce Sydney World Tour; Connecting with Partners

Now that we have expanded further and grown stronger with our partners & customers using Salesforce in Australia, we can’t wait to meet you all in Sydney a year later!

If you too want to be a part of the fandom to learn, network, and innovate, join us at Salesforce World Tour Sydney 2024 and book a free consultation with our data experts.

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