5 Enterprise Archiving Advantages You Need To Know
With the data explosion of recent 5 years, data archiving has come to the forefront as organizations work to maintain hosts of systems that produce diverse types of data. Today, archived information is of great value to Enterprises, therefore maintaining and protecting its accessibility is mission critical. Data backup is way more traditional, now is the time for DATA ARCHIVING- There is a huge misconception between data archiving and data backup. The later is nothing but copies of data. Data backups are utilized as data recovery mechanism that can be used to restore the same in an event of corruption or destroyed system. Unlike, to this process, data archiving protects every old information that is not required or needed for the current occasion. This is also a way of reducing the primary storage consumption and related costs, rather than acting as a data recovery mechanism. Data archiving is hence, considered as most suitable for data that must be retrained due to operational or regulatory requirements. Benefits of Data Archiving – Ensuring regulatory compliance for data retention, data immutability and audit trails.
  • Improving the performance of current applications – increasing operational productivity. Making archived information widely available and easy to retrieve by authorized users.
  • Removing the burden and complexity of maintaining obsolete systems for their data. Reducing costs and time for back-up, upgrades and database tuning.
Online vs Offline data storage Data archiving is said to take several different forms. There is some system that makes use of the online data storage, which is said to place the archived data onto disk systems, where it is readily available. Archiving is nothing, but file based storage, however the object storage is growing in popularity. It is true that most of the archiving systems make use of offline data storage, where data is written to tape or any other removable media. This is in particularly done, since tape can be removed or even that tape based archives consumes less power, hence, lower storage costs. However, in comparison to any kind of storage online or cloud storage is the best archiving option. This is a process designed particularly for data archiving, along with ongoing investment. Costs can be controlled even though with time more and more data can be added to the cloud archive. Why you should care about Archiving critical information? Today, archiving is not an afterthought. With the tremendous data explosion within recent years, data archiving has been considered as the forefront warrior for organizations to work and maintain hosts of systems that produce diverse types of data. In the enterprise level archiving, the last or the final-form of information is indeed transferred from operational business applications to a so called central enterprise archive. Hence, making the archived information available to everyone who needs it. This can support a wide spectrum of business applications, as well as also be supportive to various information types that they generate. Let us have a look at some of the reasons why we need archiving for the enterprise level organization.
  1. Ensures regulatory compliance for data retention, data immutability and as well as audit trails.
  2. Improving the complete performance of current business applications – also increased operational productivity.
  3. Makes the archived information widely available and also easy to retrieve by authorized users.
  4. Removing the burden and as well as the complexity of maintaining obsolete systems solely for their data.
  5. More importantly reducing both the costs and time for back-up, upgrades and database tuning.
Currently, archived information is of great value to organizations, therefore maintaining and protecting the data and also making its accessibility an easy process.  To operate efficiently, organizations are bound to gain more control and governance of their workflows. With trends in information storage moving more towards the cloud computing, big data and the information protection, organizations are in need of complete solutions for enterprise archiving; like DataArchiva, that is built over the Salesforce platform to allow the user to find the information they need – regardless of the application that created it.

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