How to Unlock the ABC of Efficient Salesforce Data Management: Salesforce Archive & Backup

Data management is never easy & things become a little more complex when the data is huge in volume & resides within a Salesforce system. Are you a Salesforce Admin like Alan or an Architect like Lisa? 

Alan who is an #awesomeadmin works with a Fortune 500 financial firm & often his sales, service, compliance managers ask him for storage upgradation & data protection? And guess what, no one wants to delete any old unused data & Alan can’t even ask his CTO to purchase more storage space as he literally pleaded last time. Alan was in some real trouble. Similarly, Lisa who works as a Senior Salesforce Architect in a leading Healthcare company based out in London was literally clueless when she was asked to plan a data strategy to retain a huge volume of data as they were obliged to meet a number of internal & external data retention policies along with GDPR.

Companies manage millions of records every day across various Salesforce apps such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Financial Cloud, Health Cloud, & other Custom Solutions. With so much data in hands, it is difficult to implement a future-proof data life-cycle management strategy keeping the storage limitations & data protection in mind. When you have a problem, you got to have the solution for that too. But finding the right solution is what could make you an #awesomeadmin & fortunately Alan was. Rather than asking his CTO one more time, he looked into the best modern available data management platforms for Salesforce to help him archive & back up his company’s data. 

This article will help you unlock the ABC of Salesforce Data Management which Alan & Lisa were able to master.

Before talking about the ‘B’, let’s first discuss the A & C of Salesforce Data Management.

Optimizing the Data Growth – The Real Deal 

Alan did some good research & analyzed their last two-year CRM data growth pattern & next 5-year data goal. The research showed that there were a few specific Salesforce standard & custom objects (Tasks, Emails, Cases, Contacts) that were the primary data growth sources & the rate these objects were growing, Alan found they will run out of data storage every 6-8 months. When he reviewed their next 5-year data goal, he learned that the data will even grow significantly faster as the company has a massive business expansion in the plans. Buying additional storage was neither cost-effective nor a sustainable plan. However, implementing a Salesforce data archiver could help them easily optimize the storage with unused data being removed from the primary storage. 

On the other hand, Lisa had another additional challenge of choosing a Salesforce data archiving tool that can ensure 100% security as well as the uninterrupted accessibility of the archived data to meet stringent compliance needs. She was basically looking for some solution that can help her company archive the data without any external exposure to maintain 100% security. 

Salesforce Data Archive Options – Where to put your money?

Option 1: Custom Solution built In-house. 

Option 2: AppExchange Solution.

Lisa did some more research & found which is the better option considering all possible factors including cost, time & effort, alignment with the Salesforce roadmap, accessibility, restoration, view, security, and scope to include add-on features in order to make the entire archival process seamless. She found that building an in-house data archiving solution for Salesforce is almost 5x more expensive & complex than implementing a ready-made AppExchange solution that can serve the purpose. Even the ROI factor is always on the higher side when using an AppExchange app.

In order to implement the best data archiving solution for Salesforce, Lisa unlocked the ‘A’ of Salesforce Data Management. ‘DataArchiva’, a native AppExchange data archive solution that can transform their data storage & management needs.

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Being the ONLY native Salesforce archiver, DataArchiva can archive all the unused data to Salesforce’s own big data-based storage system called ‘Big Objects’ without compromising complex object relationships & data integrity. As the most trusted archiving solution for Salesforce customers, DataArchiva is completely aligned with Salesforce & Big Objects roadmap and helps reduce over 85% data storage costs, 2x improve the app performance, and promptly lead data compliance. 

While exploring more about the possible archiving options, Alan went a little ahead & thought of leveraging their own infrastructure and own the database. (No doubt, he is an #awesomeadmin)

As a big enterprise, they already had multiple other systems in place such as Azure & Heroku including external databases like Postgres, Redshift, MySQL, etc. Then why not own the database while leveraging the infrastructure? Here comes the ‘C’ of Salesforce Data Management. 

‘DataArchiva’ an enterprise-grade external data archive solution allowed Alan to integrate any external platform with Salesforce in order to archive data to any external database. DataArchiva which is completely aligned with the Salesforce roadmap, automatically archives all the Salesforce legacy data (old emails, contacts, cases, leads, etc.) using any external storage platform (AWS, Heroku, Google, Azure) to any external database (RedShift, Postgres, Oracle, SQL Server) without losing data integrity. The archived data will be readily available within the Salesforce system with 100% accessibility & on-demand restore.


What about protecting your data for any possible future disaster? Do you have a strategy for that? 

After unlocking the A & C, Alan & Lisa uncovered the B of Salesforce Data Management which is implementing a powerful Backup plan to protect critical business data in Salesforce from any possible disaster. And they could not find a better solution than DataArchiva Backup, which is a powerful yet simple data backup & recovery solution available in the AppExchange.

DataArchiva Bakup is a simple data backup and recovery solution that is tailor-made to support all forms of Salesforce apps like the Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and other custom-built Salesforce solutions. Using its full and incremental data backup services, Salesforce customers can overcome the fear of losing the data. Equipped with a long-term data management strategy, this solution is highly scalable and comes with a seamless recovery option.

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Be an #AwesomeAdmin : Archive & Backup Salesforce Data with our Enterprise Data Management Solutions built for Salesforce

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