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G’day Mate!  How are you goin’? We’ll see you this arvo?… Just learning the way of Aussies, for cozies, in small talkies, when ‘we’ meet ‘you’ at the counter of DataArchiva. 

Now that the spadework is all been done, we thought of sending off the announcements. Yes, not one, but we have had two words to share –

First: DataArchiva is one of the Platinum Sponsors for the Salesforce Sydney World Tour 2023 (SYD23) 

Second: The entire leadership squad is flying to Sydney to meet the inspired community 

We are too flabbergasted to pronounce which one makes us happier. And if you haven’t set up your mind to blaze your trail on SYD23, you should think twice. If you are late to check the itineraries, then you would be knockout keynotes, sessions, demos, and networking to attend that you might get excused for not knowing. 

If you are hitting the Campground early, keep a watch on DataArchiva. As an APAC Partner Of The Year 2022 for ISV Innovation, we have racked up the best tips to make a reputation as a partner force community. 

Dear Customers, This Note is For You 

In six years of having DataArchiva for Salesforce, our products have catered to 100+ customers across Australia with their most unique needs. It was a moment of pride when DataArchiva made a mark, for resolving a complex archiving need for a 115+ years Old Australian Multi-Industry Service Provider. Since it has been the most iconic success story we share with our customers dealing with rapid data growth in Salesforce. Here are our hearty thanks from team DataArchiva, we had a great time making your data shine. Moreover, we are making SYD23 even more memorable, just for you. 

World Tour Is Connecting With People In The Community

As we are patching up our networks, make sure to drop by the DataArchiva counter and make a buzz. For your information, currently, DataArchiva represents three applications listed on the AppExchange. (1) DataArchiva Native Archiving for Salesforce, (2) DataArchiva External Archiving for Salesforce, (3) DataArchiva Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. Else if you are just stepping by, catch-ups to share knowledge, discuss unique solutions, network, and socialize, anyways we will be active on the trailhead community for  Salesforce World Tour Sydney

What Are We Excited About the most? 

The DemoJam. Hands down are the most fun event in the Salesforce World tour that we want to enter for the day. We are defending to be the Demo Jam Winners for three consecutive times. Here again, we are sure to defend the title and remain the undefeated champions. And that’s a promise. Nay-sayers – welcome to the ring. 

So, before we say “Shrimp on the barbie”, we shall go back and revise Aussie vocabulary for the day. So, SYD23, we are ready. 

And this is something that you need to have – Salesforce World Tour Sydney

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