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Running the race with ‌ cloud-run data storage systems, databases managed on-premise are still ruling the traditional waters.

Barring the potential challenges of on-prem database management like higher initial costs, infrastructure maintenance responsibilities, limited scalability, and skill dependencies to manage the hardware, software, and security aspects, on-prem data archiving for Salesforce comes with a silver lining. 

Salesforce demands expert data management to maintain data integrity, security, and compliance, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure regulatory adherence. Enterprises need to really marshal their resources to find an effective solution that also streamlines processes, enhances the user experience, and drives maximum ROI from Salesforce investments, making it a vital component for businesses seeking to leverage the platform effectively.

A well-architected data archiving solution in Salesforce effectively captures data that is not frequently used in a preferred low-cost storage system, making it easily searchable, accessible, and recoverable. For on-premise data archival systems, the archived data is stored on the organization’s physical servers to gain better control over the archives.

Let’s take a look at the industries that are most likely to use on-prem systems for archiving Salesforce data & why.


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Ultimately, organizations must weigh the pros and cons of on-premise systems against the potential benefits of cloud archiving to make the best decision. If you are using Salesforce and belong to industries that handle sensitive or confidential information and have strict regulatory compliance requirements, then you are the most likely candidate to integrate your on-premises platform with your Salesforce app. Here are a few examples:

1) Healthcare Industries have the most stringent compliance regulations to protect sensitive patient data, including medical records, lab results, and insurance information. 

2) Finance Institutions call for banks and other financial institutions to meet regulatory requirements for audit trails and data retention, apart from the need for top-notch data security & data privacy. 

3)Government Agencies deal with a wide range of sensitive data, including personal information, national security data, and confidential legal information. Few Salesforce gov cloud-run organizations are ‌not even allowed to move ‌data from the cloud. With the given robustness of the integrator, leveraging on-premise systems for Salesforce data archiving can have a concrete use case. 

5) Manufacturing Companies may have complex supply chains and large amounts of data related to product development, quality control, and supply chain management. Hence, abided by stringent compliance policies, manufacturing companies prefers to archive historical data on-premise to maintain control over their data, which allows them to archive only to their on-premises system and not to any third-party storage platform. 

6) Hi-Tech Industries deal with vast volumes of valuable intellectual property, research, and sensitive customer information that demand the highest level of control and protection. On-premise archiving allows them to maintain direct oversight of their data, ensuring it remains secure and accessible within their own controlled environment. This business case study highlights how a leading IT company successfully addressed the challenge of managing ‌a decade-old Salesforce org with massive data accumulation with on-premise data archiving. 

It’s worth noting that while on-premise systems offer strong advantages in terms of data security, control & access, they also come with potential drawbacks such as high cost. Hence thorough analysis is needed based on your organization’s specific requirements, resources, and risk appetite to maximize your Salesforce ROI when you bring your data to your On-premise systems.

Labeled Safe for Compliance Driven Industries

On-premise systems, also known as on-premises solutions, refer to computer software or hardware that is installed and operated within an organization’s physical location, as opposed to being hosted remotely on cloud-based servers.

On-premise data security makes it an ideal destination for archiving Salesforce data | DataArchiva

When it comes to leveraging your on-premise systems to archive Salesforce data into your Postgres, MySQL, MSSQL database, it offers better management of storage, performance, compliance & data security. Here is to know how:

  • Enhanced Data Control: Allowing businesses to tailor security practices to their specific needs and compliance requirements.
  • Enhanced Compliance: Keeping data within their own controlled environment, minimizes the risk of non-compliance.
  • Increased Network Isolation: Due to physical & logical network isolation, SQL or Postgres databases, managed by on-premise systems are immune to most external threats.
  • Offline Data Access: You won’t need internet connectivity to access your archived Salesforce data. A boon during network outages and times of limited connectivity.
Tailor Exclusive Salesforce Data Archives With DataArchiva

DataArchiva provides an invaluable service in such situations, allowing Salesforce users to easily archive data with the needed automation & customization for the users. It comes with potential performance advantages over archiving as it’s free from Salesforce governance limits.

DataArchiva makes on-premise data archiving simpler, seamless & easy in Salesforce

Plus it has the highest data processing speed of all applications, making bulk data offloading possible in Salesforce. Here are some key features and benefits of on-premise data archiving with DataArchiva:

  • Cost-Efficient Data Archiving: Integrating your On-prem platform with DataArchiva, zeros down on your data storage maintenance costs as it is maintained within the organization’s network infrastructure. Hence an effective way to avoid costly storage upgrades in Salesforce.
  • Data Storage Optimization: DataArchiva effectively removes the Salesforce data from the primary storage space to store in your database inside the on-prem system, hence preventing you from hitting the storage limits in Salesforce.
  • Seamless Integration With Salesforce: DataArchiva can be seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, making it easy to archive data from within the Salesforce platform.
  • Data Security-at-Archive: Once your Salesforce data is archived within your on-prem system, it encrypts the data-at-rest with AES 256, adding an extra layer of security.
  • Customizable Archiving Policies: DataArchiva allows businesses to create customizable archiving policies based on their specific needs, such as archiving data based on compliance criteria, data retention needs, internal policies, or analytics.
  • Efficient Data Archive Data Retrieval: DataArchiva offers a one-click restoration, allowing businesses to quickly access their archived data when needed.

DataArchiva has helped numerous Salesforce customers‌ resolve their data archiving challenges & fight back data storage limitations for the most complex organizations. If on-premise data archiving is your next strategic move, then this blog can help you plan the next step to make your Salesforce data management easier. 

To learn more about DataArchiva’s future-proof archiving capabilities, this product datasheet is for you. 

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