Dreamforce 2021: Highlights from the Day Three

Dreamforce 2021, the first-ever ‘hybrid’ Dreamforce experience, with in-person attendees as well as virtual participants has been going on for two days already. We have already witnessed so many exciting announcements about new product launches & heard plenty of enthralling guests like Will Smith, Jane Fonda, Jay Shetty and many more. In a similar fashion, day three was also filled with plenty of product sessions & candid conversations before the event finally ended.

So before we bid farewell to Dreamforce 2021, let’s have a quick recap of all the prominent things that happened on its third day.

Fireside Chat with Eric Yuan

Without any doubt, the main highlight of Dreamforce 2021’s third day was the intimate conversation between Salesforce co-founder & CEO, Marc Benioff and the founder & CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan. As they shared amazing insights with each other, they talked about company values. Eric told Marc about Zoom’s core company value, ‘Care’. Care about the customers, the community, the company, one’s teammates, as well as the care towards oneself. He further continued that caring about the customers was the primary way of building trust among them, which happened by listening to them and their concerns & pain points. 

Fireside Chat with Eric Yuan

The Future of Work is Digital-First

In one of the sessions of Day Three, leaders like Stewart Butterfield, CEO & co-founder of Slack, and Jennifer Tejada, Chairperson & CEO of PagerDuty talked about reimagining new ways to work in the digital-first environment. They discussed how Digital HQs will become more important, than the physical ones, in the coming future & will drive more inclusive, flexible, and productive cultures.

The Future of Work is Digital-First

They also talked about Slack’s role in building a strong company and culture when employees aren’t able to gather in-person. With its strategic partnership with Salesforce, Slack is bound to play a major role in creating a Digital HQ, enabling companies to easily connect their teams, customers, partners, & systems in one digital source of truth.

Prioritizing Sustainable Future is Essential

Sustainability, sustainable future & becoming net-zero have been trending topics during the entire Dreamforce 2021 event. This was true on the third & final day of Dreamforce as well. At the very beginning, during the keynote session itself, Marc Benioff announced that Salesforce had achieved its goal of utilizing 100% renewable energy & ‘net-zero’ emissions across the entire value chain, purchasing carbon offsets when either wasn’t possible. 

Prioritizing Sustainable Future is Essential

Yesterday also Salesforce announced that it had made significant advancements in its Sustainability Cloud, including offering new innovations like Slack-First Sustainability for better collaboration with suppliers, a carbon-offset ecosystem, and industry-specific climate action plans.

And that’s it folks! With these amazing sessions & a fun-filled celebration, Dreamforce 2021 has finally come to a fitting end. But as the curtains draw on this grand Salesforce conference, there already are high hopes for next year’s Dreamforce event. But until next time, we bid farewell to everyone!

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