Dreamforce 2023’s goals and thrills have incurred many firsts. And the best part is, that we could experience it all, firsthand at the largest AI conference of the year!

This year we sponsored Dreamforce 2023 as an APAC on Tour partner, representing DataArchiva with a basket of new releases, features, and products under the spotlight. 

From getting DataArchiva to Dreamforce and back, the event days were the busiest.

We chatted with our partners, met happy customers, connected with new prospects, and welcomed attendees who were too excited to have us at Dreamforce. 

While answering their FAQs, we realized how impactful the event had been in getting everyone talking about AI, convincing even the slightest percentage of the audience to join the Salesforce Data + AI + CRM movement, who felt otherwise.

The way Salesforce is enabling AI for all, at the enterprise level has even stunned visionaries like Sam Altman, CEO of Open AI.

Salesforce to Establish AI for All

AI is No Longer a Dream; it’s Now All in Salesforce. In a keynote session about ‘The Future of Trusted AI’ at Dreamforce 2023 with Marc Benioff (CEO of Salesforce), Altman states that ‌ AI predictive models are going to get dramatically more capable, customizable, reliable and more beneficial to businesses. Here is how he thinks that AI for Salesforce is going to amplify individual capabilities while using Salesforce:

“One Person with a really good idea and deep understanding about our customer needs is going to be able to execute on that, what it would have taken complex, many many person’s teams before … so giving someone the ability to do more, I think, is going to lead to a big shift” 

Introducing the AI Trust Layer

Marc Benioff, in the main keynote at Dreamforce, mentioned some notable points on how Salesforce is going to establish the trust factor to navigate the perils of enterprise AI. As the trusted face of enterprise AI, he ensures that “Your data is not our product”. Furthermore, Salesforce ensures that enterprise AI in use is ethical in design and practice, and with built-in security and access control, making ‌usage of mass AI-tech more secure. 

With the announcements followed by back-to-back product launches in combination with new Data Cloud and next-generation Einstein releases, here are five of them that can keep your Salesforce CRM productive:

  • Everyone is an Einstein with Salesforce Einstein 1
    Introducing the all-new Einstein 1 in Salesforce, a relaunch of the trusted AI platform, and making it stronger with Einstein Copilot (Generative AI-powered Conversational Assistant) to proactively guide the users. For admins and others who build on Salesforce, check out Einstein Copilot Studio, which is made up of three components: Prompt Builder, Skill Builder, and Model Builder, to make AI work for your customer’s success.  On top of it, Einstein 1 will support thousands of metadata-enabled objects with trillions of rows, offering automation and analytics capabilities at scale, including real-time event triggering and system interaction, with new capabilities of the data cloud.

DataArchiva at Dreamforce 2023

  • Data Cloud Integrations for substantial scalability for Einstein 1 Platform
    Data Cloud has now evolved with a few new capabilities and robust cloud integration features. The goal is to connect, organize & interpret data across Salesforce applications, with Data Cloud creating a unified enterprise-wide data view regardless of internal data structures. It will be leveraged as a low-code platform to transform or sort data as per business needs, to utilize Einstein AI predictions to take targeted actions. This also enables the unlocking of siloed data at scale, crafting comprehensive customer profiles for revolutionary CRM experiences.
  • Salesforce Provides Free Data Cloud and Tableau Licenses
    Salesforce is further democratizing its platform by providing free licenses for Data Cloud and Tableau (Sales and Service Cloud, Enterprise, or Unlimited licenses). This free package includes two free Tableau creator licenses, and Data Cloud licenses for up to 10,000 profiles.
  • Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud to Gain Momentum
    Marketing Cloud (ExactTarget) and Commerce Cloud (Demandware) were acquisitions Salesforce made and incorporated with the core platform via connectors. Salesforce has announced 26 generative AI capabilities on the roadmap between Marketing Cloud and Commerce Cloud – with an additional 25+ set to arrive by 2024’s end – all built on Data Cloud.
  • Life Science Cloud Advents in Salesforce
    This cloud is designed to help life sciences organizations leverage Salesforce’s AI capabilities to quickly implement and benefit from the power of the platform. With this new cloud, life sciences organizations can access powerful AI capabilities, enabling them to better manage their data and gain valuable insights. Having a more specific architecture to help get these organizations up and running faster with the Salesforce platform.

Therefore, the new AI agility in Salesforce is going to be game-changing for businesses looking to enhance their customer engagement, streamline operations, and gain deeper insights into their data through Salesforce CRM, ultimately paving a south-after roadmap to gain customer magic.

And here is how DataArchiva is streamlining the AI operations in Salesforce by keeping your data storage AI-ready.


Team DataArchiva a.t Dreamforce 2023

How DataArchiva’s Capabilities Are Aiding The AI Ecosystem Growth in Salesforce

In short, DataArchica helps you to augment data management best practices, where your business data in Salesforce keeps streaming revenue & does not block the performance in the system pipeline.

DataArchiva helps your Salesforce to thrive in two ways:

  • Automatic Salesforce data archiving capabilities:  keeps your old (more than 5 years), un-accessed, or compliance data, out of sight from your Salesforce live instance and keeps your app’s data storage clean & relevant, so that you can run multiple operations, without slowing down your performance.
  • Automatic Salesforce backup & recovery services: So, that you never lose your system data due to any ‌ force major cause, keeping your operations streamlined. 

This year, DataArchiva won the Partner Innovation Awards 2023 by Salesforce in the Industries Category (Communications) for ISV after learning about its future-proof capabilities.

If you ‌ want to learn more about why DataArchiva is necessary to align your Salesforce, request a demo

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