10 Things DataArchiva Does Beyond Archiving In Salesforce

Stepping into the sixth year of shattering storage limitations in Salesforce, DataArchiva is yet to brim over.

Apart from being an archiving enabler, it has been equipped with some extra security features, flexibility to meet compliance, unmatched data processing speed, and reporting compatibilities to derive analytics from your Salesforce data archive.

Reports say the Salesforce ecosystem is nearly 4x larger than Salesforce in itself, and the ‘four X’ will soon reach a ‘six X’ in the next three years. As we are done with our aftermath,  like a true Salesforce Ohana we have rendered 15+ features to DataArchiva in supporting organizations with a secure archiving hub to maintain data archives. 

Without further adieu let’s check out what are the ‘Beyond Archiving’ features that team DataArchiva has revved up its sleeves. 

1) View & Access ‌Archived Data Within Salesforce:  Specially enabled feature for Salesforce customers to fill in the experience gap, often faced by users while archiving data. This helps to stay on track with the scheduled archiving jobs, providing an archival list run on the old Salesforce data, the accessibility needed to stay accessible to the data-at-rest and remain opportunistic with the data in the time of need. 

2) Storage Usage Display: A built-in display feature to eliminate the manual monitoring needs for maintaining the current usage trends of the storage in use for Salesforce data storage archives. This helps to plan better on how to put DataArchiva to use and generate better revenue from an archiving app. 

3) Maintaining Complex Object Relationships: As Lisa Berry once mentioned in her DataArchiva product review at Salesforce AppExchange – “Everything visible is accessible, without their ‘cheese’ being moved. :)”. Be it while archiving the data or by restoring it back to Salesforce, DataArchiva maintains complex object relationships at any level of the object hierarchy. 

4) Auto-metadata Sync: It’s a core feature of DataArchiva that helps to keep the metadata in sync with the source of truth, even when it’s moved from the primary Salesforce storage, under a secondary storage system. If you want to learn how DataArchiva can help you ‌ stay effective with Salesforce MDM (master data management), then you should revisit this blog

5) Encryption for Archive Security: An important in-app feature of DataArchiva which boasts archive security as a necessity in Salesforce. After archiving, the data-at-rest is encrypted with AES 256 as the most advanced security layer for data integrity and immune archives to be subjected to any data loss. 

Experience the beyond archiving features with DataArchiva


6) Data Visibility & Access Protection: Furthermore, DataArchiva offers an extra layer of security with access protection, ensuring that only authorized users or users can access the data stored in the archives. Therefore ensures the users that confidential data is only seen by those who are allowed to view it when archived from Salesforce using DataArchiva.

7) Easy Archived Data Restoration: Further narrowing down the data archiving challenges in Salesforce DataArchiva provides an effortless restoration of Salesforce records from the archive. This allows its users to quickly revoke the archived data as and when needed. As a result, users can be confident that their data is secure and easily restorable, making compliance and long-term data retention in Salesforce effortless with DataArchiva. 

8) Purging Data-At-Archive: Aligning with the Right To Be Forgotten (RTBF), DataArchiva additionally provides its users with the ability to purge data-at-archive from Salesforce. In this way, DataArchiva ensures a compliance-first experience, which ensures that all Salesforce users can meet GDPR & other compliance regulations with all rights reserved.

9) Live Reporting Of Archived Data: DataArchiva supports live reporting of archived data with 

the opportunity to integrate popular analytical tools of choice such as Tableau, and Power BI. This helps us to get insightful business details & generate reports on Salesforce trends simultaneously on your old archived records as well as with the data available in the live windows.

10) Global Search at Data Archive: Furthermore, global search at the data archive allows DataArchiva users to search past records quickly & easily, saving time and resources in the process. Furthermore, the archived data can be easily searched and retrieved globally throughout the Salesforce data archive, helping to reduce the time spent searching for historical data for impromptu needs. 

If you are caught in a thought loop and want to understand better, feel free to contact DataArchiva today

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Storage options to compliance control, optimize it all.

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