The eerie howl of October has been roaring loud. This time, we wanted to celebrate the spooky season of the year with nobody but the individuals who manage Salesforce data. We approached several execs from different companies (including ours) and told them to share their terrifying experiences of managing data in Salesforce. They harked back to those scary days when they had gone through blood-curdling experiences to handle their critical data.


Horrible Data Storage Exceeding Alert

“That was one of those dark and stormy afternoons at work. As usual, I was analyzing the details of our terrific number of leads in order to submit a report to my CEO. Abruptly, I saw a red alert flash on my screen which made my heart skip a beat. The message was STORAGE_LIMIT_EXCEEDED.

The first and immediate solution I conjured up was to kill and abolish all the unnecessary data in Salesforce. But it was a spine-chilling call to pick up the unwanted data because data was our lifeblood. Plus, data deletion was an act of violation against our compliance rules. So I chose not to dig my own grave.

My next plan was to purchase some additional data storage space. But the cost was monstrous. Realizing both my plans were eerie, I saw myself heading on to a deadly well. I went blank and clueless about how to overcome this data storage hurdle.”


The Nightmare of Data Breach

“I don’t wanna play with my data. Causing any occult to the sensitive data can be a recipe for our disaster. I know that! Although my data is secure to date, I want to safeguard it against all possible demon attacks in the future. I want to secure my data inside a strong cave where the demons can’t enter.”


Dreadful Data Management

“Initially, it was spine-tingling to migrate my Salesforce data to my external storage system on my own. I thought it was an easy activity that I could do alone in the manual way to save some of my storage space in Salesforce. But it put my data management skill to the test in no time. The migrated data had neither followed the data hierarchy nor the object relationship in the external system. It was horrible to see my critical data spread scattered there. It evoked great fear in my mind whenever I thought  about the tight spot it was driving me to.”


Frightening Data Search

“The life of a professional who manages Salesforce data is not awesome as it seems. When I want to find out specific data in Salesforce, I need to do it manually. That’s horrible and time-killing! I met with a lot of deadly occasions when I wanted to tease out specific data quickly. But I blatantly failed because of that constraint.”

Our Advice For You

“Salesforce data management is nail-biting. We know that firsthand! So we built one simple yet powerful solution for all your horrifying challenges — DataArchiva, our enterprise data archiving application for Salesforce.

Firstly and most importantly, our spooktacular application kills the witch that crosses your Salesforce data storage margin. How? You ask? DataArchiva periodically archives your historic data from Salesforce to your external cloud storage systems such as AWS, Azure, Heroku, and Google Cloud, and also On-premises platforms. That means your Salesforce data storage space is optimized and the storage management is no more a ghastly experience.

Secondly, we have powerful weapons to safeguard your confidential data. With our magical capabilities, we add security layers to your information that never lets any demon get their hands on your data.

Thirdly, we eliminate the fear of scattered data in your external storage system. DataArchiva follows your data hierarchy and complex object relationships so that your data is properly arranged and easy to manage.

Finally, our advice for the 4th admin is, data search in Salesforce is not spooky with our Global Search feature. You can find out the specific data without troubling yourself or killing your time.

Yeah, that’s it! We have many more capabilities which are fab-oo-lous to address your horrible data management concerns.

Still, frightened? Our experts can eliminate your fear! Connect with us today to not be a scaredy cat.”

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