Haunts of Data Town’s Past Has Returned! Can BaAr Defeat the DataZilla

On a tranquil, windy evening, most of the Data Croakavists tribe had departed to revel in Aloha and catch up with the festivities on the mainland with BaAr stationed at the bay watch. That’s when something truly mysterious unfolded.

Seas swelled,  shadows lengthened and the moon rose high, ‌sinister dat‌a specters emerged from the forgotten depths of the Salesforce data ocean, as if the sea is coming to seek revenge to wreak havoc on Data Town. 

BaAr came out of the data warehouse to take a closer look. It turned out to be too unbelievable to digest what he could see. 

A colossal sea creature emerged with fiery red eyes, thrashing the waves to crash upon the shores and announcing its presence with a deafening roar.

It’s true that Data Town had a history, that there is a friendly-evil monster who lives at the depths of the Data ocean, who never comes ashore until it is provoked or disturbed. Folklore often mentions it plays a crucial role in maintaining the master-detail relationship for the Salesforce ocean, so it must not be messed with.

But what might have roused the mighty beast? 

Before it can reach the shore and cause a ruckas, he needs to be stopped. 

As an immediate action, BaAr has called upon the rescue team.


The choppers came buzzing to assess the situation and comfort the DataZilla. As a part of the plan, they are trying their best to contain the beast in the water to prevent further damage to ‌digital shorelines. Hotlines are buzzing constantly about the identity of the data creature and about it’s behavior & ecology. They have also managed to contact Captain Fido to ride by the island in his yacht.


Our guest at datatown doesn’t seem to be very pleased. It hated to be under the spotlight and the constant sirens irritated the beast even more. The coast can already feel the tremors from the incessant thumping of feet that has made the situation even worse. 



The land tremors under the beast’s feet made the volcanoes erupt from the distant clift. Ages of built-up digital lava is gushing out from the creator of the volcano bowl, getting powdered to ashes meeting the cool waves of the data ocean. If the lava traces down the digital shorelines, it can damage the data warehouses, completely destroying the habitat of the Salesforce Coakavist. And BaAr couldn’t let this happen and took off for patrol and found few clues after mapping the territory.


As DataZilla’s influence surged, the waves surged in response, crashing with unprecedented force and unpredictability. Data, which typically flowed in an orderly fashion, had now become a tempestuous torrent, challenging all attempts at control and understanding. The relentless onslaught of data waves presented a formidable challenge to those who sought to maintain data integrity, security, and accessibility of ‌marine mobilities.


This digital maelstrom that demanded immediate attention and innovative actions to prevent potential data disasters along the vulnerable coastline of the digital world. BaAr on his Surfboard has set off to have more control over the situation. The old relics also mention, that once a fishing troup on the island, caught the beast’s eggs in the fishing net, which made it reckon to the island.



As, seagulls do not nest in trees like many other bird species, BaAr found some abnormally big eggs resting near the vegetation and he knew exactly what to do next. BaAr called a few coastguards to lift the eggs to take it to the beast.


The angry-red eyes, soothed down to a motherly grin when Datazilla embraced its eggs under the comfort of the big scaly arm. The Data Town learned it’s lesson for good that no one messes with DataZilla’s precious metadata, aka the eggs. Hope this made the seagulls realize, not to collect any data that is not it’s own!

With night breaking to dawn, the beast returned back to the depths of it’s Salesforce data ocean making our ninja surfer BaAr the hero of the data town.

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