How DataArchiva Can Boost Data Compliance in Salesforce with Backup & Recovery

Compliance regulations are perpetually in flux, but the state of risk has remained a constant challenge for businesses. If you are considering backup compliance in Salesforce, here is what you need to know. 

As mentioned in Coalfire Compliance Report 2023, 70% of the service providers agree that they pledge compliance or conformity to at least 6 frameworks across information security and data privacy taxonomies.  Most of which is unknown to the tech users who act as data controllers and are constantly exposed to sensitive data in cloud environments like Salesforce.

According to Croudstrike, cloud environment intrusions have increased by 75 percent from 2022 to 2023. Plus there were 114 publicly disclosed security incidents that comprised 867,072,315 records bringing this year‘s total to over 5 billion. 

To curb the rise, regulations like GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and others mandate stringent requirements for data protection, retention, and privacy. Therefore, in a cloud ecosystem where 150,000 companies are globally championing Salesforce in digitizing business processes, a generic check-the-box compliance move and a standard platform security, won’t be enough to lift the debt on malpractices. 

Implementing a data backup solution ensures that organizations can maintain compliance by securely storing and retaining Salesforce data according to regulatory requirements.

Let’s find out how the DataArchiva Backup & Recovery solution empowers Salesforce customers to  achieve compliance with confidence

How DataArchiva Backup for Salesforce Helps to Comply

DataArchiva’s backup solution in Salesforce is designed with privacy and security in mind, incorporating features such as encryption, access controls, and data minimization to protect Salesforce data backups from unauthorized access or disclosure.

Three Lines of Defence to Manage Data Loss Risks in Salesforce

DataArchiva Backup for Salesforce helps to comply with various data protection regulations and standards by:

1) Mitigating Data Loss Risks: Offering robust and reliable data backup capabilities in Salesforce so that organizations can minimize the impact of data loss incidents and ensure the continuity of critical business operations. Based on your scheduled backups it takes a copy of your Salesforce org (can be full, partial, or differential backups) preventing any critical information from being lost due to system failures, accidental deletions, or data corruption.

2) Protecting Data Subject Interests: Ensuring 100% enterprise-owned backups, DataArchiva promises the availability of Salesforce data so that organizations can uphold data subject rights, maintain trust, transparency, and confidence in data processing activities, and safeguard data subjects’ interests. 

3) Seamless Cross-Platform Connectivity: Integrating Salesforce with other systems increases the attack surface and can lead to data loss if not properly secured. DataArchiva ensures undisrupted connectivity to take Salesforce backups via third-party cloud like AWS, Azure, Heroku or GCP avoiding vulnerabilities like unauthorized API access, insecure integrations, and data loss during migration.

4) Data Minimization in Retention: Enabling multiple backup options in Salesforce like periodic, on-demand, full org, and incremental, DataArchiva ensures that organizations can implement data minimization practices by selectively backing up and retaining only essential Salesforce data.  It offers flexible recovery options to anonymize outdated or irrelevant backup data, reducing the risk of non-compliance with retention requirements.

5) Preserves Object Model Configurations: Unlike ordinary backup solutions in Salesforce DataArchiva offers metadata backup to support effective change management practices by providing organizations with a complete history of Salesforce configurations and changes. By backing up metadata along with data in Salesforce, businesses can maintain data integrity, demonstrate regulatory compliance, and support data governance & auditability as per compliance & regulatory needs.

Top 4 Data Governance Rules to Meet Backup Compliance in Salesforce

6) Follows Authorization-Driven Processes: As a competitive advantage, the DataArchiva backup application maintains user authentication, Role-Based Access Control (RBAC), audit trails, and encryption, trimming the chances of excessive privileges to users who can intentionally or unintentionally trigger a backup process in Salesforce. It also allows Cross-Object Reference Tracking to maintain data relationships during Salesforce backups supporting compliance with data integrity and security standards.

7) Transparency in Compliance Monitoring & Reporting: This provides extensive visibility of the backup process in progress at Salesforce and provides organizations with a record of backup activities, including when backups were started, when they were completed, and if any errors occurred. This log information helps users demonstrate compliance with backup and data protection requirements, providing evidence that backups are performed regularly and successfully.

According to the shared responsibility model for data protection, Salesforce suggests that Salesforce customers must establish a regular data backup strategy as a fundamental component of their data management and security framework. Having a reliable backup system in place admins or first-hand data controllers can have a piece of mind restored and are a significant support factor that helps to manage compliance. 

Don’t risk non-compliance or data loss but ensure the easy recovery of your valuable data by using DataArchiva Backup for Salesforce in case of a disaster. Starting from today ! Try DataArchiva Backup for a 14-day free trial in Salesforce to know how it can check on compliance.

“ We have been in this Salesforce ecosystem for the last 13 years and we do a lot of consulting services for our customers globally, in those interactions we understand certain challenges this customer brings on the table for us to work on, and those challenges are something that why we have been able to come up with the idea of building ISV solutions and making ISV products help customers across the globe to adopt within the whole CRM “ 

Harish Kumar, Co-founder of CEPTES Software

DataArchiva Backup & Recovery Solution for Salesforce

A Perfect Insurance for your Salesforce Data, Metadata, Files & Attachments

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