Learn & Connect with Trailblazers this Dreamforce 2021

Every Trailblazer eagerly awaits the day when Salesforce announces the dates for the year’s Dreamforce event. Well, it’s that time of year again! Salesforce has declared the dates & schedule for the Dreamforce 2021 and it’s going to be blast like never before. And looking at the number of attendees that are expected to attend this year, it sure is going to be one of the largest tech conferences globally.

What’s New This Year?

Dreamforce is a true spectacle of the latest Salesforce innovations that never fails to disappoint. After Dreamforce 2020 was organized virtually, for the first time in the event’s 17 years history btw, this year Salesforce has decided to adopt a more hybrid approach for Dreamforce 2021 (September 21-23). In addition to being held onsite in San Francisco, the event will also be digitally streamed live for participants & audiences across the globe. 

“We’re thrilled to bring Dreamforce back as an in-person experience, and we can’t wait to bring all our Trailblazers together for a completely new brand experience. Whether you join us in person or online, it will be the most innovative and immersive Dreamforce ever — another example of how, in this new all-digital world, we can achieve success from anywhere.”

– Sarah Franklin, President, and Chief Marketing Officer, Salesforce

What To Expect From Dreamforce 2021?

Salesforce Ohana can expect to learn at multiple informative sessions & network among themselves, not to forget the all-time-famous entertainment. The three-day event will be jam packed with thought leadership, innovation, expert-led demos, curated episodes, & various fun-filled events. So far, Dreamforce 2021 is promising 100+ hours of original content; 4 live broadcast channels covering every role, industry, and topic; 100K+ Trailblazers from around the world joining the event; and 1 super-fun celebration.

Dreamforce 2021 will give Trailblazers from all over the world the opportunity to connect with & learn from each other, give back to the Salesforce community, and just have loads of fun. The event is also expected to showcase multiple sessions led by industry leaders & luminaries hailing from diverse industries & performing different roles. What’s best is that all the sessions will be broadcasted across the Salesforce+ channels; a combination of live, pre-recorded (scheduled), & pre-recorded (on-demand). 

What’s The Hype Around Salesforce+?

Salesforce+ is an all-new ‘Netflix-like’ streaming service, launched by Salesforce on 10th August, 2021, that is aimed at giving all virtual attendees a front-row seat to Dreamforce 2021. This digital platform will be a forthcoming media network & will provide compelling live and on-demand content for every role, industry, and line of business. It will have several original series, podcasts, live experiences & many other engaging programs.

With engaging stories, thought leadership, & expert advice, Salesforce+ is anticipated to brighten the future of technology in this digital-first world, inspire millions of Trailblazers to learn new skills, give them new career opportunities, and drive a huge change in the world. But for now, Salesforce+ will help make the Dreamforce 2021 experience more personalized with live and on-demand content that viewers can tailor to their interests.

A Trip Down The Dreamforce Memory Lane

Over the past few years, Dreamforce has been a pretty eventful & wonderful experience for us as well. First it was the launch of our one and ONLY native Salesforce data archiving application, DataArchiva, back in Dreamforce ‘18. Following it was the launch of yet another flagship external data archiving application, during Dreamforce ‘19. Being a regular Dreamforce attendee, both our flagship solutions have been showcased in various customer success expos. 

After the immense success of both the solutions, last year during Dreamforce ‘20 our end-to-end Salesforce data backup & recovery application, DataArchiva Backup, was launched. All of our solutions have been well received by various Fortune 500 companies, who use them to optimize their Salesforce data management processes without compromising on the user experience. 

Dreamforce 2021 with DataArchiva

This year, DataArchiva’s team is geared up yet again for the biggest cloud carnival of the year. Not only are we going to bring you all the live action, news, & announcements about Dreamforce 2021, but we’re also letting you try your luck in our ‘Scratch & Win’ offer where you can avail exciting Dreamforce offers. You can also schedule one-on-one meetings with our Salesforce data management experts to discuss your unique use case. 

Don’t forget to stay tuned for some amazing product announcements on DataArchiva that will completely transform your data management needs in Salesforce. 

Also, if you still haven’t registered for Dreamforce 2021, you can register for free & be part of this global Salesforce Ohana reunion.

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