Webinar Rundown: Backup & Recovery in Salesforce: A Robust Insurance for your Critical Business

First of all, thank you for the phenomenal response to our first-ever webinar about data backup in Salesforce. It indeed was a full house as most of the people who registered joined the live session. But even then a majority of registered participants were unable to attend the webinar due to some unavoidable circumstances. So to make it easy for them, here we are with a written account of everything that went down in the webinar.

For the first time in our action-packed webinar, we enacted a small play where our actors interacted with each other & talked about a niche data backup solution for the Salesforce system. The fascinating play was all about the interaction of our common Salesforce-using business user, Sambit Samanta, with a data insurance agent, Harish Kumar. Not only did they discuss the various problems that come up while managing the data, but they also talked about the solutions to those problems.

So, without further ado, let’s move on to their discussion & help you gain some new & engaging insights from it. The play commences with Sambit, the Salesforce business user wondering what a data insurance agent is; as is the confusion among all our other webinar attendees as well. Harish takes the stage & asks Sambit a few important questions like “Do you have a backup solution in place for your Salesforce system?”, “How do you protect your business?”, & “How do you ensure your business is safe?”

Want to have a quick look at the webinar presentation? We got you covered! Just check out this Slideshare.

Not finding a substantial answer from Sambit, Harish moves on to making him aware of a few statistics regarding the business, industry, & product adoption of Salesforce. He further shared the secret to any business’s success: building & correctly utilizing the data. Since data grows in a direct proportion to the business growth, Harish explains how different verticals in an enterprise utilize the data to generate more revenue.

Talking about the common causes of data loss in Salesforce, Harish talks about reasons like human error, software updates, data overwriting, & many more. He then quickly follows this up by shedding light on the role of data backup in preventing a data loss event & protecting the data in the Salesforce system. As Sambit counters by pointing out that his enterprise is not big enough to need backup solutions & those solutions are costly and complex, Harish moves on to dispel some of the common myths most users have about data backup solutions for Salesforce.

Now that Harish is a data insurance agent, it was expected of him to talk like an insurance agent & explain how backup is a premium that ensures the million-dollars worth of businesses by protecting their life force, their data. As Sambit finally realized the importance of having a backup solution, he calmly asked Harish if he had any recommendations for a good backup solution. This is where Harish introduced our data backup solution for Salesforce, DataArchiva Backup to everyone.

He goes on to explain how DataArchiva Backup is the right insurance for enterprises that want to protect their critical data in Salesforce. Being an all-round, complete data protection solution, DataArchiva Backup prevents data loss & offers a faster recovery option in case things go south. As his closing argument, Harish also explained some of the features of this easy-to-use solution (like full & incremental backup, scheduled backup process, 100% control over the backup data, faster recovery, & many more) in detail.

For a more in-depth understanding of the events of the webinar, please have a look at this recording of the session.

As the play comes to an end, Santosh Kumar, our host, takes control of the webinar once again & begins the O&A session. This is where our attendees asked the questions that were cropping up in their minds about data backup in Salesforce,  DataArchiva Backup, & other such things. After Harish calmly answered all the questions, the webinar was finally adjourned with a promise to organize many such webinar sessions in the coming months.

We hope that those people who weren’t able to attend the webinar were able to benefit from this short description. But there is no need to be disheartened as there are a lot more exciting events & webinars in store for Salesforce users this year. Looking forward to hosting you again in the future! So, stay tuned till the next time.

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