What to Expect At AIKYAM 2023: A CEPTES Tech Summit

Yes, We Are Back! That too with a ?‘V3’ patch! 

This July, let’s tickle the pink to transform our tasked jobs & asked work into fun jobs & smart work with AIKYAM 2023. 

Last year it was the very first tech expo for CEPTES where we went live with a theme of unity, wisdom & enlightenment. But this time it’s going to be bigger, better & different. We are celebrating AIKYAM 2023 with unique hues of Vivid Innovations, and Vibrant Success with a pinch of digital Vogue to spice up the event for our peers. 

We have iterated some refreshing keynotes, announcements, releases, sessions, and annual awards for the first day of the event, to reward ‘smart growth’ that strikes the chromes of Vivid, Vibrant & Vogue

The next day will be ‌a flexible event day where we will encourage our employees to bring their families to introduce our way of making tech fun! 

What we have in ‌mind is a vivid tech summit in chromatic convergence ‘technology’ & ‘color’ that is sure to nurture your creativity to amplify ‌productivity and redefine possibilities when tech meets colors!

Officially AIKYAM is going to commence on July 14th and end on a lighter note on July 15th, 2023. Let’s take on a short tour of how we have planned out AIKYAM ⏯️

Product Keynote: Igniting a World of New-founds & Vivid Innovations

Soon after the day’s (14th July) load-in and registrations, the event will head out for an opening address speech for our attendees, from our plenary speaker Harish Kumar, Director & Co-Founder of CEPTES. We’re going to unpack some big announcements and the rest is a surprise. So don’t miss out on the buzz!  

Product Innovation Sessions: The United Efforts for Walking the Path of Vibrant Success

After the Keynote, you can expect to look forward to a bunch of eye-opening sessions to explore the keen and provoking ideas to come out of the individual thought den. In our inter-plenary spheres we will have our:

  • R&D Team: Spearheading the development of prototypes, translating visionary concepts into tangible solutions that breathe life into innovative ideas.
  • Development Team: Minding the essential technical facets of product development, encompassing the construction and meticulous testing of prototypes, functionality validation, and resolving any technical hurdles that may surface along the way.
  • Marketing Team: Delivering invaluable insights on market trends, customer requirements, and how they are curving the competitive landscape and identifying lucrative target markets for precise product positioning in the market
  • Sales Team: Driving revenue for the organization from product innovations and dispensing valuable inputs and feedbacks derived from customer insights and market demands
  • Human Resources Team: Fueling strategic initiatives in talent acquisition, organizational expansion, and employee engagement to cultivate an environment that channels and fosters innovation-driven thinking

This that’s sure to provoke innovative ‘you’ to come out of the thought dens. 

Awards Presentation: ‌Rewarding Accolades Who Made a Vivid Impact 

And, we did not forget how remarkable your efforts were in the past year. So, the next hour of the main event day will be dedicated to honoring and rewarding those remarkable individuals who have made a profound and lasting impact. We want loud participation with louder applause to seed aspirations among our ‌fellow attendees.

Before we jump on to the next roll of events, let’s make this announcement – we will be running live food counters around the clock, throughout the event hours, with refreshments for a lasting grin and say Bon-Apetit! 

Pitch Fest: A Product Evangelist Concert 

As we share our DNA with the Salesforce community, a product demo hustle is ‌a must-have! Calling it a ‘Pitch Fest’ for AIKYAM, an electrifying event that combines the excitement of a traditional pitch competition with the dynamic element of live product demonstrations. We will have participants from the team take the stage and present a demo of our CEPTES products. We will have some special guests joining us for AIKYAM 2023 to evaluate your performance in the Pitch Fest, determining the winners who will rise to the top. So, prepare well! 

Digital Vouge: Du Jour the Day 

We are adding a sartorial element to showcase the vouge life at  CEPTES. So, suit up, stay tall in your stilettos, fix the collar & knot the tie to walk the vogue revolution. We have amazing backdrops, LEDs‌, placards, fun walls, and photo booths with some fun-tastic thematic decor for a complete V3 appeal‌ of Vivid, Vibrant & Vogue.

So, brace yourselves for a convergence of cutting-edge tech and a captivating palette of hues as we embark on AIKYAM. Let the symphony of pixels and spectrums commence as we transcend boundaries, challenge the status quo, and bring our wildest aspirations to life. Together, we can shape a future that is bold, innovative, and filled with endless possibilities.

A no-show can risk you in ‌serious FOMO. To keep vibing scroll up a few reels at our social media handles, get flashbacks on the fun, and get in tune as we assemble for fun. 

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