What’s New With DataArchiva: Post AIKYAM 2023 Releases to Keep an Eye-On

Ever since our vibrant success at AIKYAM 2023, the new feature releases have been the talk of the town.

We would say DataArchiva has made quite a rapport in the past 5 years, where we could spot gaping customers looking forward to what’s new.

Hence, once again, we have nestled our charms, to bring new reinforcements to think beyond archiving and be better with our backup, whenever you are using DataArchiva for your Salesforce.

The new releases are in doublets for both  DataArchiva’s External Archiving Application and its Easy Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery Application for Salesforce.

Let’s dig in ➡️

Get More Done With DataArchiva’s New External Archiving Application Features

At AIKYAM 2023 on the 14th of July, Harish Kumar, Director & Co-Founder of CEPTES, rightly mentioned that, whenever you try to bring any innovation to the table for a CRM tech like Salesforce, it all boils down to how we can bring the  “Moment of truth”.

Being the frontline data connoisseurs for Salesforce, we understand that it’s the right time to oil the cogs when AI is soaring high!

Stepping into a vibrant future, DataArchiva is creating a pipeline of new features that cater to AI, with the first in the show being AI ANALYTICS ON ARCHIVED DATA. 

And, here are some great new advantages it can derive even after your Salesforce data gets archived

  • Run predictive models on archived data
  • Perform historical trend analysis
  • Gain insights and patterns
  • Predict future outcomes
  • Anticipate potential challenges
  • Better optimize processes
  • Make proactive decisions & improve efficiency

Archived data can be a valuable asset for organizations to leverage for monetization.

By applying AI and analytics, business legacy-data can uncover valuable insights, create new products or services, identify market trends, and gain a competitive edge, opening up new revenue streams and business opportunities.

“Oh, wondering who’s the Froggie? It’s BaAr on Board riding the turbulence of your Salesforce data overload. Before, he gets all our attention, let’s get back to our focus on learning what’s new about DataArchiva.

Riding on the ethical guardrails, the next on the line is COMPLIANCE & AUDIT TRACKING IN Salesforce

As an app feature for DataArchiva, anyone can perform comprehensive tracking, monitoring, and reporting on archived Salesforce data, while ensuring data integrity and facilitating smooth audits,  while efficiently managing archived data outside the Salesforce platform.

And, it solves fussy compliance problems with the:

  • Bespoke configurations to customize retention
  • Detailed records of each archiving action
  • Streamlined audit processes
  • Track and display features
  • Ease to demonstrate compliance

Now, this is all about data archiving, AI & compliance, but like ‌ true Salesforce savior DataArchiva releases two new capabilities to back up the breeze for its Easy Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery Application.

Let’s see what it has in store!

Releasing the On-Demand Features of DataArchiva’s Data & Metadata Backup 

Org-2-Org Seeding is now under the hive!

No, you do not have to download a 3rd party app to create test environments and try out the new backup features.

Now, Salesforce users can enjoy complete ORG-TO-ORG SEEDING CAPABILITIES to deliver the data protection that you promise to your customer.

With O2O live, you can now:

  • Create test environments that closely resemble your production org.
  • Seed relevant data to test new features, configurations, and customizations in a controlled environment without affecting ‌live data.
  • Identify and fix issues before deploying changes to the production org, improving the overall quality of your Salesforce instance.
  • Conduct performance testing and gauge the system’s response under different data loads.

We are still short of use cases to declare more advantages, to know more about its capabilities, get DataArchiva ‘s Backup Application today!

Yes, you are right! We have one more in store!

Introducing SELECTIVE RECOVERY for DataArchiva‌ data & metadata backup.

It is still in the development stage, hence for now it’s leveraging S3 Storage to take Salesforce for Backup & Recovery.

To date, the backup engine for DataArchiva has been keeping data backup in a flat-file format which checked the possibility of selective recovery. Exploiting new capabilities we offer full recovery & record-level recovery, along with selective recovery for your salesforce data.

Selective Backup Recovery in Salesforce can:

  • Retrieve only the lost record, rather than restoring the org
  • Recovers what’s critical while leaving others untouched
  • Prioritizes the recovery of essentials minimizing downtime
  • Saves time and storage space

This gives rather granular recovery options for Salesforce data backup making the recovery process more manageable and effective with DataArchiva’s Backup application.

One thing that we would never change is the 360-degree support to our application users. With new indents, we are rather more active to boost user adoption, reduce the learning curve and help out to get success faster.

If DataArchiva has Wow-ed you with its new addition, feel free to call our data experts today

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