DataArchiva’s Ribbeting BaAr: The First Look At AIKYAM 2023

It’s been a long time since we had Captain FiDo ‌ sailing the ship for XfilesPro. Hence we thought why not have one for DataArchiva?

While Captain FiDo is helping 500K+ licensed users ‌ meet their Salesforce file management goals with XfilesPro, we went back to the drawing board to get FiDo a new mate & have the Salesforce architects talking more about DataArchiva.

Finding The Brand Connect

DataArchiva is an absolute favorite. As much as our developers love to work on it, so do our customers who use it to manage storage challenges in Salesforce.

No wonder it gets a 5/5 at every review on DataArchiva’s product listing page on AppExchange

Finding an avatar for our favorite data product is sure to well up a sea of emotions for our audience. So, we had a lot to justify but in very little time. 

Given that AIKYAM precedes DataArchiva’s 5th anniversary month, we decided to make the big reveal right when festivities are at peak. Hence advanced as planned. 

Wading Through An Ocean Of Possibilities

While gilding to anchor on one character, we brought the entire Noah’s ark on the table to find DataArchiva an avatar. As we will be sticking to the ocean theme, and got a few cuties, it was time to pass the criteria.

To represent DataArchiva He/She has to be swift, agile, waterborne & strategic. Keeping the cute index aside, we confirmed the lone glider to face the brand.

It took us some time to know whether ‘the chosen one’ would be the right fit or not. It did look a little preserving to us. After collective feedback from our peers, we gave it a huge go!

The D-Day Of The DataArchiva’s Mascot Reveal

It was only buzz & murmurs until 14th of July 2023. Peers were already taking guesses, surprisingly many were correct, as secrets we all know can never be leakproof right?

Finally, it was the eleventh hour at AIKYAM 2023 when it happened. We advanced to the hallway, following the lead of Harish Kumar, Co-Founder & Director & Priya Panigrahy, Co-Founder & Director of CEPTES for the final reveal. 

We could see a wide patch of amazement, as the first look of the mascot stole our hearts!“And His name is BaAr”, echoed Harish. Watch the full video here: 


As ‌one ‌of the top-tier product development partners, onboarding BaAr for DataArchiva took us a step closer to being a part of the Salesforce community. In our future endeavors, we plan to give more persona to BaAr so that he can take up a few of our responsibilities off the shoulder. 

If you are eager to know about who BaAr is and what he can do for you check out here!

BaAr also comes with some other good news for DataArchiva. So it’s high time to check out DataArchiva’s Post AIKYAM Releases for Salesforce data backup & archives.

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