AIKYAM 2024 Highlights: CEPTES’ First-of-Its-Kind AI Tech Summit

A month back since AIKYAM 2024 was announced and we were in the thick of it.

Pipelines looming to be addressed, unknown perks to counter, new features & innovations waiting for their time to share the limelight in the market, and tons of hustles, and despite all, we were confident that our plans for AIKYAM 2024 would come to fruition.

For the past two years, AIKYAM has been a trajectory boost for each department driving the product wing of CEPTES. Each team contributing to our product success can reflect on strengths with a whole lot of opportunities to learn, collaborate, give back, and grow rather than working in silos.

On this occasion, we asked ourselves how we could make an impact this year. Solving business challenges as crucial as data management in Salesforce, we found it right to announce our contributions. We are bringing a ne(x)t wave of innovation by making AI more accessible for our star product DataArchiva. As we go trail blazing, how we can use AI tools for our research and development, quality analysis, market positioning, and eliminating service & sales challenges for our suite of products.

It was just the tipping point that resulted in a cascade of new ideas and our next release pipeline for DataArchiva. This is how AIKYAM 2024 has been Xceptional for us this year. Let’s take a glimpse.

DataArchiva Entered an All-New X-course 

At the main keynote at AIKYAM 2024 Harish Kumar (Co-Founder & Director, CEPTES Software), set the course on how we will be driving an X engine going forward which ensures better compliance, better standards with SOC 2 security compliance to make our products 10X more reliable. Ensuring why our products can be a better market fit for industries who need robust compliance support to use the flexibility of data management tools like DataArchiva for operations like backup & archiving of Salesforce data.

main keynote at AIKYAM 2024 Harish Kumar

Xplosion of X Innovations

AIKYAM 2024 main keynote was followed by a strong R&D session where we rolled out a suite of pre-releases for DataArchiva under the X-nucleus innovation platform. This mentions how the X-Data corpus will support multiple capabilities for archives & backup processes to be more smart, transparent, and responsive. Going forward we would also include robotic expert systems powered by AI & Salesforce Einstein to support archive & backup scheduling in Salesforce and better alert systems to make data process & job tracking in Salesforce more visual & easy.

R&D Session at AIKYAM 2024 For DataArchiva New Releases

Contested Values to Nurture X-innovations 

The R&D session at AIKYAM left a huge room for open discussions. We have gathered all our product experts for a Fireside Chat. This led to a long list of takeaways on how these X-innovations will be ahead of customer expectations, efforts behind making data operations more seamless, preparing speedy support with an AI edge, and how we are ensuring seamless experience with our products to ensure uninterrupted user experience.

Fireside Chat AIKYAM 2024 by DataArchiva product experts

Xplosive Xpansions 

Going forward what is the future of X. How frequently will you see X Data in our Salesforce appearances? The marketing session spilled the beans about how it’s going to be the next big stop for DataArchiva’s suite of data management solutions in Salesforce.

Marketing & Sales session AIKYAM 2024 for DataArchiva

Again aftermath has always been tricky whether the next gen of products will be wheeled and be well-received. Yet this next wave of innovations rolled in AIKYAM 2024 is going through a new chapter in the product evolution history of CEPTES for being the first-of-its-kind AI-tech summit from the organization. This holds a brighter future to translate opportunities into tangible benefits for their clients, setting a new standard for industry excellence.

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