Why Data Growth in Salesforce is a Good Sign for Your Business?

Congratulations! If you are experiencing a rapid spike in data volume within your Salesforce application, it’s a positive sign that you are counting the most productive years in business.

In the dynamic landscape of modern business, data has become the lifeblood of organizations. Every interaction, transaction, and decision generates valuable data, driving businesses forward. For companies relying on Salesforce as their CRM platform, data growth signifies more than just an increase in numbers. It’s a sign that you’re hitting your stride in the world of Salesforce, where every byte counts, and every piece of data is a step forward in your journey toward success.

In this blog post, we’ll delve into why data growth is not only a numerical expansion but living proof that you are using Salesforce to its full potency.

1) Increased Business Activities 

One of the most obvious reasons why data growth is a good sign for your Salesforce app is that it indicates a clear upturn in your business activities. More data means more transactions, more interactions, and more engagement. It is clear that Salesforce user adoption has been pretty smooth and will smooth the trough for the next business operations.

2) Richer Insights

More data means more opportunities for analysis. With a larger dataset, you can gain deeper insights into your customers, operations, and business performance. This, in turn, can lead to better decision-making and improved strategies for your business. By leveraging the data stored in your Salesforce app, you can uncover valuable insights that can help you better understand your customers, identify trends, and anticipate future needs.

3) Better Personalization

With more data at your disposal within your Salesforce app, you can personalize your products, services, and marketing efforts more effectively to meet the individual preferences and needs of your customers. By leveraging the data stored in Salesforce, you can create personalized experiences that drive higher customer satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement. This, in turn, leads to increased revenue and better customer retention, ultimately driving the success of your business.

4) Improved Forecasting

As your Salesforce app accumulates more data, it enables your business to refine its forecasting and predictive modeling capabilities. By analyzing historical data trends and patterns stored within Salesforce, businesses can more accurately forecast future demand, identify emerging opportunities, and proactively respond to market changes. Whether it’s predicting sales trends, customer behavior, or market demand, leveraging the data in your Salesforce app allows for more informed decision-making, ultimately reducing risks and maximizing profitability.

5) Maximized Salesforce ROI

Salesforce is an investment, and data growth can indicate that you’re getting a good return on that investment. As your Salesforce app is used more extensively and generates more data, it means that your investment in Salesforce is paying off. Salesforce provides the tools and infrastructure needed to support your growing business, allowing you to scale and adapt to changing needs.

Companies often hit the breaking points after reaching the peak of scalability, and unmanaged data growth can be one of the reasons, especially if you are using Salesforce. Therefore, it’s crucial to understand the risks associated with unmanaged data growth in Salesforce. 

  • Performance Issues: Unmanaged data growth can lead to performance issues within the Salesforce environment, such as slow loading times, system crashes, and increased latency. As the volume of data grows, the system may struggle to process and retrieve data efficiently, resulting in decreased performance and user satisfaction.
  • Storage Limitations: Salesforce imposes limits on data storage, file storage, and data retention. Unmanaged data growth can quickly consume available storage space, leading to additional costs and potential data loss if storage limits are exceeded.
  • Compliance and Security Risks: Unmanaged data growth in Salesforce can increase compliance and security risks, especially in regulated industries. Failure to properly manage and secure sensitive data can lead to compliance violations, breaches, and reputational damage.
  • Complexity and Maintenance Costs:  As data grows in Salesforce, the complexity of managing and maintaining the Salesforce environment also increases. This can result in higher Salesforce data storage costs, longer deployment times, and increased IT overhead.

And, if you do not wish to delete your data from Salesforce, you can always have it archived! It is the most effective solution to manage data growth because it allows organizations to retain important data while removing outdated or redundant information. 

Today a vast majority of organizations using Salesforce, are driving exceptional ROI by archiving data to free up valuable storage space, reduce infrastructure costs, and improve system performance. Based on recent market research businesses can save up to 70% on storage costs by implementing a comprehensive data archiving strategy. If you don’t have an archiving strategy for your Salesforce data, you can always explore third-party applications to automate the processes.

How DataArchiva Can Help? 

DataArchiva is the perfect partner if you are looking for a data archiving solution in Salesforce. A comprehensive Salesforce data archiving application that is secure, robust, customer-owned, and 100% compatible with Salesforce. It’s known for this flexibility as you can choose how & where you want to archive your data. 

You can archive your data in Salesforce Big Objects with DataArchiva’s native archiving application for Salesforce. Otherwise, DataArchiva offers multiple 3rd-party cloud & on-prem platform integrations for Salesforce data archival with 100% customer ownership & control. Here are the additional benefits that you can get from DataArchiva –

  • Reporting on Archived Data: Access analytics on archived Salesforce data without restoration hassle
  • Compliance Features: Get encryption, access protection, and visibility protection along with archiving features to protect your Salesforce data from unauthorized access
  • Preserves Permissions: Maintains role-based access control of Salesforce data at archives 
  • Preserves Data Integrity: Archive your Salesforce data without compromising on the critical object relationships 

DataArchiva has been simplifying the org complexities for top-tier enterprises to optimize Salesforce data storage and performance. Top-tier global institutions across BFSI, healthcare, manufacturing, electronics to telecommunication have significantly reduced the extra storage costs to maintain their data in Salesforce with above 80% ROI after integrating DataArchiva with their Salesforce. 

Therefore, even as your data grows, you can rest assured knowing that you won’t have to worry about high maintenance costs. With DataArchiva, you can efficiently archive your Salesforce data, giving you a piece of mind that your data is safe at archives, yet accessible, and can be restored back to Salesforce when you need. 

Want to try DataArchiva in your Salesforce app? Claim your 14-days free trail today.

Dive into the Agility of Salesforce Data Archiving

DataArchiva is robust, secure & customer-owned

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