Data Backup & Protection in Salesforce: Paving the way for Better Business Productivity

All companies have bucketloads of critical data, be it personnel files, customer details, product information, financial transactions, or anything else. Almost all the decisions taken by the management & the work processes followed by employees to deliver quality products & services are based on this data. In fact, it’s not wrong to call this data as one of the most important assets a Salesforce enterprise possesses.

When the Salesforce data that should be kept private gets into the wrong hands, bad things can happen. For example, a data breach at a government agency can put top-secret information in the hands of an enemy state or a breach at a renowned corporation can put proprietary data in the hands of a competitor. Likewise, a breach at a hospital or doctor’s office can expose patients’ sensitive information to those who might misuse it.

What is Salesforce Data Protection & Why is it Important?

Keeping in mind the gradual increase in user-generated data, it’s vital that Salesforce organizations take necessary steps to protect the data at all times. For that reason alone, data protection should be a top priority for the companies. Data protection regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, HIPAA, SOX, etc, add another layer of importance to data security, making it not only a business requirement but also a legal requirement.

Data Backup & Protection in Salesforce

Inherently, Salesforce data protection is the process of safeguarding important data and information in the Salesforce system from corruption, compromise, or loss. A large part of a data protection strategy is also ensuring that data can be restored quickly after any corruption or loss. This also includes guaranteeing the availability of Salesforce data to employees who need it, guarding the integrity of data (keeping it correct & up-to-date) & ensuring the confidentiality of data (the assurance that it is available only to people who are authorized).


How Does Data Protection in Salesforce Promote Business Growth?

Protecting data in Salesforce is critical to the survival of modern businesses & enterprises that should embed data protection into all processes that utilize the data within the company. No matter what size the business is, how much data it deals in, or how properly the data is protected, most businesses still have room for improvement when it comes to data protection.

Data Backup & Protection in Salesforce:

Though Salesforce data protection may be a challenge for organizations, it enables them to receive benefits such as a boost in return on investment, improved customer loyalty, and more efficient operations. Following is a list of all the high-level benefits a Salesforce organization can expect when it implements proper strategies for Salesforce data protection and recovery & how they contribute towards promoting rapid business growth.

Protecting Valuable Salesforce Data

Implementing Salesforce data protection and recovery policies safeguards valuable data & information. Since the data assets help in revenue optimization, risk mitigation & overall improvement of the company, they must remain confidential & secure which can be achieved by deploying proper data security measures like restricting unwanted access to the data.

Warding Off Hackers & Cyberattackers

Data protection policies make it difficult for hackers to access sensitive Salesforce data including key information stored by the enterprise such as names, email accounts, bank details, health information, etc. By safeguarding important & sensitive data, companies can deter criminals from carrying out identity thefts, phishing scams or other types of fraudulent activities; ultimately improving the business’s growth.

Adhering to Appropriate Data Protection Laws

Most Salesforce enterprises are expected to observe proper laws & regulations for data protection prevalent in their industry. Failure to do so can result in legal actions & hefty fines that affect the business negatively. Proper data protection policies help enterprises regulate the flow of critical data & prevent it from being lost. This ultimately helps them grow further without worrying about compliance.

Upholding the Enterprise’s Reputation

Not only do data breaches permanently damage a company’s reputation & brand value, but they also cause heavy financial & logistical losses. When companies observe proper data protection strategies for their Salesforce data, their loyalty among the customers increases which means more and more customers would want to deal with them. This is essential if they want to grow their business while maintaining their investors’ trust.

Better Business Management

With Salesforce data protection comes the need to engage in better business practices regarding better management & storage of Salesforce data. This prompts enterprises to employ proper business ethics, conveying trustworthiness, thereby encouraging more people to patronize the business & helping them grow their business.

Staying Above the Competition

Keeping critical Salesforce data protected also helps in staying ahead of the competition in one’s industry. As proper data protection increases investors’ confidence in the company, more people want to associate with the better-protected company rather than the unprotected one, which is healthy for the business in terms of business growth & productivity.

Role of Data Backup in Salesforce

Maintaining usable, thoroughly-tested backup copies of all critical Salesforce data is a core component of any robust data protection strategy. Backing up data ensures that in the unfortunate event of data loss, at least one additional copy of all important data is available to be immediately restored, to bring the business back on its feet as quickly as possible. Performing frequent, regular backups & storing them in a separate location is very important.

Most enterprises rely on efficient, cost-effective data backup solutions for taking care of the complex data backup process. One such solution is our product, DataArchiva which is perfectly aligned with the Salesforce roadmap. DataArchiva backups your live data, metadata, and files and attachments through the utilization of cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud, or On-premise systems. Your data is then stored in either Amazon S3, Microsoft SharePoint, or an On-premise server, depending on your preference.

Being highly scalable, our application offers all kinds of data backup options (full, incremental, manual, automated) along with quick & reliable data recovery services, in case the backed-up data is to be restored. Please get in touch with our Salesforce data management experts to know more about this cost-effective & easy-to-use solution & learn how it can help you easily meet your daily data backup & recovery needs in Salesforce. Or simply schedule a free demo with us.

DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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