X-Data Pre-Release Announced: What’s Next With DataArchiva

Release updates for DataArchiva are rather a staple for post-AIKYAM announcements.

Over the past two years, AIKYAM brought 10+ new features for DataArchiva with attention to detail on the areas where the users can have better visibility of the scheduled jobs via the application. 

Besides the added advantages like instant alerts, error logs, global search, reporting, and job monitoring dashboards have made it even easier to analyze the progress on the backend, keeping the users more informed on – how their data is received, whether the process needs to be revised or logs on where the archived or the backup data is kept. 

This progress has eventually led to how AI can help make the process even more seamless with DataArchiva. Can DataArchiva use Einstein predictions to tell when to archive your data or which critical data in Salesforce needs to be backed up? This will all be possible with the upcoming X-Data release under X nucleus innovation platform.

When we queried our R&D head at CEPTES about his perspective on the ne(x)t wave of advancements in AI technology, his response was, “Our vision for X Nucleus is monumental – to unify all applications under one umbrella, offering unprecedented collaboration and privilege. We eagerly anticipate the journey ahead, recognizing the immense responsibility and excitement of working with our team towards this transformative goal. It’s not just a challenge; it’s a boundless opportunity to take the product global.”

Let’s take a glimpse of what advancements to expect under X Data in the coming months. 

What Do You Need to Know About X Data? 

X-Data is a cloud software tool in-vision for business data management, beyond Salesforce.

The objective is to establish a unified source of accurate business data through a comprehensive SaaS platform, encompassing a suite of applications tailored for analytics, storage management, and disaster recovery strategies.

In other words, this platform will provide you with a 360 view of your business data with a –

  • Data health monitoring tools
  • Dashboards to protect the status quo of your business data 
  • Data tiering tips tailored to your business needs
  • Guide on what lies ahead for data in the next 3-5 years
  • Complete data portfolio to tackle data governance complexities 
  • Inclusive menu to avail, data archiving, backup & migration services to achieve your data goals, minus the compliance challenges. 

In short, X-Data will offer a unified, versatile platform for seamless data integration, management, enterprise application integration, data quality assurance, data migration, and storage solutions to archive and backup the enterprise data both on the cloud & on-premise. 

X-Data will largely cut down the platform dependencies like storage limitations or governance limits to manage & analyze your data as per your business needs. Further, it can harness the power of data to gain valuable insights, enabling informed, real-time decision-making and fostering a data-driven culture. 

X-Data Applications & Its Take on Gen-AI

To achieve the following data goals faster, X-data will include seven satellite applications to contribute to the genre of business data management. Here is how each of these applications will run on smart AI engines and will embrace Gen-AI advantages – 

1) X Insight 

Empowering confident, data-driven decisions with meticulous data quality assurance, delving deep into integrity challenges and recovery from duplication challenges, and ensuring actionable and accurate insights.

2) X Forecast

A predictive analytics tool powered by AI to anticipate future outcomes based on historical data trends, provide businesses insights to mitigate risks, optimize disaster recovery plans, manage data retention for compliance, and seize opportunities in dynamic environments.

X Data Pre-release at AIKYAM 2024 | DataArvchiva

3) X DSync

Regardless of your data environment, in-built connectors of X DSync will help you get even more value through deep partnerships and integrations with top technology providers including AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud Platform, and more.

4) X Alert

A dedicated tool to provide real-time notifications and warnings about critical events, anomalies, or issues within the X data ecosystem with AI analytics. This will identify potential problems, such as data breaches, anomalies in data quality, unauthorized access attempts, or system failures before they escalate into larger issues. Therefore X-Alert will help organizations take prompt action to address issues, minimize downtime, mitigate risks, and uphold the reliability and availability of data assets.

5) X Backup

A comprehensive solution designed to safeguard critical system data as predicted by X Forecast ensuring its integrity, availability, and recoverability. X backup will protect against unforeseen disruptions but also facilitate smooth operations and business continuity. 

6) X Archive

Designed to efficiently handle aging or inactive data, ensuring it remains accessible, secure, and compliant with regulatory requirements. In the future. X Archive will help to maintain a centralized repository for historical data away from primary storage to cost-effective archival storage, freeing up valuable resources and optimizing system performance. 

7) X Mailbox 

Designed to have a centralized hub designed to streamline communication and collaboration across system platforms. This dynamic X Mail Box will serve as a repository for messages, notifications, and updates, facilitating seamless interaction among users, administrators, and stakeholders. It will also come with robust features such as real-time AI-assisted mail generation, file sharing, task assignment, and integration with existing workflows. 

It will be remarkable to witness, how these new intricacies will transform the face of the business and what will the success of X-data after having a winning product like DataArchiva as the end-point solution for Salesforce data management. 

“AI is revolutionizing the world right now and Salesforce is also doing the same, it’s the entire ecosystem that is working on Gen AI and we are no different. I believe taking the right step at the right time is a great thing to do. As we already have a great platform, we have to just build on top of it which is something, slowly including AI as a part of our application. This strategic move will solidify our position as global leaders in data, file, and collaboration space.”

– Harish Kumar, Co-Founder, CEPTES

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