AIKYAM Returns: Riding the Ne(X)t Wave of Cloud Tech Innovations in 2024

Sustaining the continuum, AIKYAM 2024 is coming up with the Ne(X)t set of starters for DataArchiva to transform the fate of data for customers owning the Salesforce AI CRM.

This year’s expo is to vibe with ‘DataArchiva Revive’ envisioning the future of customer success based on Data+AI+CRM. It serves with jam-packed sessions based on how the all-new product exceptions, new feature releases, tech accelerations, and more.

With the AIKYAM dates now confirmed, we thought you might be interested in learning more about what the event entails, attendee profiles, event dates, session schedules, highlights, and other information, right?

Hence, in the blog we are here to spill the details about how we will be riding the Ne(X)t Wave in cloud tech supported by Salesforce, welcoming the return of AIKYAM 2024 to present the roadmap of CEPTES products in this AI age.

A Quick Brief on AIKYAM 

AIKYAM is the annual flagship event for CEPTES products, representing the alliance and harmony across departments, as we work together towards innovation. After 2022 and 2023, AIKYAM 2024 is the 3rd in the row. As a quick preview, here’s a glimpse of what the conference has offered in previous years.

What’s in store for 2024? 

In 2024, our core focus of this event is how we are moving forward to augment our day-to-day work with new tools, futuristic goals, and roadmaps to discover new avenues, dissolve complexities, and look forward to finding the new truth of customer success that’s helping us to upkeep the flow.

AIKYAM 3rd: The Theme Reboot

Last year AIKYAM matched with the ‘V3’ patch aka the Vivid, Vibrant, and Vogue. This year it’s inspired by ‘T3’ aka Tech, Trends, and Transcends. As the demand spikes for cloud innovations to run sophisticated applications like Salesforce Einstein Copilot, a couple of iterations were needed to align our product on the roll. This summit will brief how these interdependent teams are walking towards the goal and reflect on how CEPTES products stand out by solving real challenges while businesses are adapting to Salesforce AI CRM.

You would be thrilled to know BaAr, DataArchiva’s archive amphibian, and a pro croakavist has learned some new moves to surf the data ocean! Watchers, pull back and pick your spot as your BaAr catches the waves, live at AIKYAM.

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AIKYAM 2024: The Date & Course of Events

AIKYAM is typically held annually between July and September. However, this year, we are hosting it earlier than usual, and the event is scheduled to take place on March 30th, 2024. The event day will start with kick-off sessions from keynote speakers, followed by back-to-back sessions from R&D, development, marketing, sales, and human resources. In addition to product narratives on product evolution, AIKYAM 2024 will be all about learning, inspiring, and having fun.

AIKYAM 2024 Announcements: Envisioning Tomorrow’s Tech Scapes  

We boast an innovation DNA akin to that of Salesforce. To keep up with AIKYAM’s T3’s pace of Tech, Trends, and Transcends, we’re revamping DataArchiva’s capabilities as a comprehensive data management suite in Salesforce. Last AIKYAM, DataArchiva acquired backup testing as a feature – Org-2-Org seeding in Salesforce, this will follow a few focused innovations, and a slew of exciting features is on the brink of release, to be announced at the d-day.

AIKYAM to Celebrate CEPTES @ Innovations 

CEPTES is one of the first trendsetters in India for custom-built SFDC applications that can resolve real business problems. This eventually rippled to create an ISV ecosystem with its broad suite of products, favored by some of the top Fortune 500 companies using Salesforce. The progress reflects on the CEPTES products as well.

For example, the journey of DataArchiva started with the first AppExchange listing of a 100% native application to archive Salesforce data in Big Objects, followed by two more flagship products labeled under DataArchiva. One is to archive Salesforce data leveraging AWS, Azure, Heroku, or On-prem Systems within managed databases. Another is a backup application for Salesforce data, metadata & files to get reliable recoveries with an org-to-org seeding advantage.

Therefore bringing new tech, following the trends, and transcending to the very next, have always been the core strengths of CEPTES products. Let’s ‘X’plore the inmates of CEPTES @ innovation at AIKYAM 2024 and how our teams are preparing to welcome the ne(X)t wave of cloud tech innovations in the Salesforce ecosystem.

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