DataArchiva has Rolled Out New Features to Extend Next-gen Data Management Experience on Salesforce

[Bengaluru, 23/06/21] CEPTES has officially announced that they reimagined their flagship Salesforce data archiving solution DataArchiva.

Launched in 2020, DataArchiva has been helping Salesforce customers archive their old or inactive data from the live database to any external cost-effective database (Postgres, Redshift, Oracle, MySQL, MySQL) leveraging any Cloud (AWS, Google Cloud, Azure, Heroku) or On-premise storage system in order to better optimize the storage, performance & compliance. The solution with its 10X faster archiving process than its predecessor is a game-changer for enterprise customers dealing with the massive volume of data.

With its ability to allow enterprises to seamlessly migrate their archived data to their choice of database, without using any additional integration tools or services, DataArchiva now extends its archiving capabilities & taking the user experience to a whole new level.

The enhanced solution focuses more on the user-experience aspect with faster-archiving & powerful reporting ability. With the fastest archiving engine, customers will be able to archive a large volume of data from Salesforce instance at a lightning speed without worrying about the governance limits or any ongoing job. Also, the server can be scaled up or down depending on the archiving needs. With the new enhanced architecture, DataArchiva will allow customers to bring in any BI tool to create highly customized & powerful reports by effortlessly connecting the live data with archived data.

In a swiftly changing business world & with the increasing need of having a long-term data management strategy for Salesforce, DataArchiva is a must-have solution for enterprises that are early adopters of cloud & digital platforms.

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Comments on the News

“This amazing product is a by-product resulting from our interactions with various customers on their Salesforce data storage pain points and kudos to our team for bringing out this wonderful solution in the market during these challenging times,” said Harish Kumar – Director and CEO. Adding to his comments on the news, he said “We already have DataArchiva, a native archiving solution for Salesforce using BigObjects, and now with the recent developments in DataCArchiva, I can assure you that we are now the one-stop solution for all Salesforce archiving needs.”

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