Everything You Need to Know About Salesforce Backup and Restore Options

Chuck the thought that your data is secure. Let’s be practical now.

Salesforce is the #1 CRM platform nowadays that businesses prefer. We understand that there may be clampdowns on the magnitude of data protection Salesforce can offer. It’s crucial to ensure a clear understanding that Salesforce primarily focuses on safeguarding data specifically related to its CRM platform. We kindly advise against solely relying on the assumption that all data is automatically protected within Salesforce.

Taking proactive measures to implement additional data protection strategies is highly recommended to ensure comprehensive data resilience. Most of the SaaS providers are only keen on protecting their data and not the consumers’. Your chance of recovering the data during a data loss is next to zero. So what are the data backup and restore options for your data in Salesforce? 

Which Data Categories Require Backup & Recovery?

Data – All the information that comes and goes falls under data. Be it your deals, addresses, names, contacts, or any information you find in any Salesforce objects is data. All data produced within Salesforce or through third-party applications integrated with Salesforce constitutes valuable information. This understanding is essential when considering data management within the Salesforce ecosystem.

MetadataEach piece of data is accompanied by derivatives or descriptors that elucidate its functionalities or behaviors, and this concept is particularly pertinent when discussing metadata within the Salesforce environment. Understanding metadata’s role in Salesforce is also crucial for effective data management. It mostly includes configurations, reports, dashboards, and so on. 

Files & AttachmentsIt is very important that you back up your Salesforce files and attachments that are inside your Salesforce platform which are received or created from several points of contact for business operations. 

Why is Salesforce Data Backup and Recovery Crucial

Salesforce Data is valuable as it is one of the most important assets of the company. It can cause irreparable damage if not protected properly. The mantra “if you have one, you have none” correctly aligns with how dangerous it is to have just a single copy of your Salesforce data. Yes, that one copy of data can get erased at any time. Experiencing the loss of essential business data can disrupt daily operations and hinder overall business productivity. Therefore, establishing a robust Salesforce data backup and recovery strategy is crucial for ensuring data security and continuity.

To not lose your Salesforce data during a data loss incident, a good backup application is needed

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Simple recovery

There can be a plethora of reasons for your Salesforce data getting erased from your storage. It can be from natural disasters, lack of hardware maintenance, IT downtime, or human errors. Not necessary that it should always occur from a malware or ransomware attack. Data loss can happen suddenly and in diverse situations. Hence, it’s vital to maintain a Salesforce data backup, which facilitates straightforward Salesforce data recovery when needed. This proactive approach enhances data security and recovery readiness.

Competitive advantage

So a huge natural disaster has hit. And all the Salesforce data has been completely washed out. Without a reliable Salesforce data backup and recovery solution, your business’s survival prospects are bleak. Establishing a robust backup and recovery strategy is the key to ensuring business continuity. It offers the chance for a swift recovery, even if your business is currently struggling. Don’t risk your business’s future—invest in a Salesforce data backup and recovery application today for resilience and recovery readiness.

Deadly downtime

Salesforce Data loss can be severe. The result of downtime is never good news. In the realm of Salesforce data backup, numerous cases stand as testaments to organizations that, grappling with unpredictable IT downtime, were forced to shutter their operations. To mitigate the risks posed by such unexpected disruptions, it is imperative for conscientious organizations to prioritize daily data backups. By adhering to these data backup best practices, businesses can enhance their resilience and ensure a stronger future.

Audits & Archives

Taking into account the finance, legal, government, and healthcare sectors, all of the above industries preserve their Salesforce data for years to keep records. The backed-up data can act as a history and develop into archives in the meantime. There is a possibility of clients returning to restart a business partnership due to the valuable data stored, which can also present future business opportunities. Employing a dependable Salesforce data backup system is instrumental in facilitating swift responses during IT downtime. By showcasing a steadfast commitment to data backup best practices, organizations not only bolster their business resilience but also cultivate trust among clients. This trust serves as a foundation for fostering enduring business relationships and instilling confidence in future collaborations.

Salesforce Data Backup And Restore Options

Malware/Ransomware is something that no storage can escape even be it Salesforce. One can never be confident that they will never lose their data and it will always be there intact in its primary location. Let us explore the options on how you can be more precautionary on how to protect your data.  

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  • Salesforce Data Backup & Recovery Native Tool

We all know that Salesforce had a recovery service provider that was re(retired). As it was not able to meet the high expectations of the users, Salesforce eventually stopped its service. This not being a grand success, Salesforce started another called Salesforce Backup and Restore. This is a native application which means the backup copies and data were stored within the platform itself.      

  • Third-Party Applications

Another effective way to have your backup done for your Salesforce data is by backing them up externally of your Salesforce storage. But how do you do it? Through a 3rd-party application, a backup of all your data can be easily possible. Third-party backup partners have a longstanding presence in the industry, pre-dating Salesforce’s own backup and recovery service. Their extensive experience in the field makes them highly knowledgeable and, arguably, offer a wealth of additional features beyond the fundamental backup functions. When considering Salesforce data backup solutions, these experienced third-party providers often bring a broader spectrum of capabilities to the table.

Employ a good backup and recovery application to protect your Salesforce data

Opting to store your Salesforce data externally is a smart strategy for ensuring its safety. While the importance of Salesforce backups is evident, it’s crucial to recognize that not all backup solutions offer the same level of reliability. However, there’s a standout solution perfectly aligned with your daily business needs and capable of safeguarding your mission-critical data: DataArchiva.

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DataArchiva-A Pioneer in Data Backup and Recovery for Salesforce

DataArchiva is the most preferred 3rd-party application on AppExchange that backs up your Salesforce data, metadata, and files & attachments at your convenience. This backup and recovery application for Salesforce has several flexible measures to back up the data as per your organization’s standards.

Five things are what you need to know while choosing a data backup solution for Salesforce. Watch now the on-demand webinar. 

DataArchiva backups your data by deploying either AWS, Azure, Heroku, Google Cloud, or On-premise systems and storing them into Amazon S3, Microsoft SharePoint, or On-premise server as per your choice.

With several other options such as providing backup technologies in periodic/on-demand or full/incremental recovery solutions including bulk data recovery, record-level data recovery, or metadata recovery, DataArchiva is your go-to application.

If you are looking forward to having your data protected and escaping the terror of data loss of any kind, then schedule a customized demo and speak to our product experts to have a richer grasp on the product. Click here for the demo.


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