Heading to Dreamforce 2023?

Dreamforce 2023 is about to kick off in weeks’ wait. 

If you haven’t had your boats ready, then you’re sure to find yourself in ‘time trouble’ as three days won’t be enough to cover it all. 

Good advice comes with experience. The more you overbook or overpack chances are that you might get lost in the chase, as it’s expecting a footfall of 180,000+ attendees to join the event, plus 120,000 joining online.

For Dreamforce 2023, Salesforce has plan-packed the three days (11th-14th September) with 1,500+ sessions, 75+ AI thought leaders, exciting bootcamps & an epic Dreamfest to conclude. 

Speaking of AI, this year Salesforce is on-boarding Sam Altman, at the venue, none other than the CEO of OpenAI. Who knows you might finally decide whether it’s time to upgrade to GPT4. 

Salesforce is also inviting comedians, writers, AI researchers, founders, and philanthropists who are flying to San Franciscan Bay and will be taking the center stage at the Moscone Center. This in turn will site every angle on how to morally use AI in Salesforce, backed by data in driving your CRM success. 

Best of all, you can replay the entire Dreamforce 2023 event on Salesforce+ so that you can have more time to discover, connect & succeed, right at the venue, building a sustainable community, real-time.

Before you queue up your watchlist or at the campground, compare ‌with the list below, so that you do not miss out on the bests at ?#DF23!

Salesforce is Joining Straits Like the Golden Gate
Watch out for everything AI+Data+CRM at Dreamforce

From the tallest tower in San Francisco to hosting the best business events, Salesforce has every starrer to keep all their Ohanas aligned to their world of innovations. Like a Marc Benioff promise, AI is going to take ‌center stage at #DF23. 

Buyers, suppliers, business agencies, third-party rating agencies, brokers & investors will be assembling heavily at the Dreamforce grounds, to spark an AI-Future for your business. For an expansive guide on AI-Preneurship and learn how to deploy trusted AI in Salesforce, pin your Dreamforce trAIl map at the AI Launch Zone

Normalizing ‌the Use of Generative AI in CRM
All-New Einstein GPT in Salesforce

The main reason behind the generous launches of Einstein GPTs in Salesforce is to pull down usage diversity & promote AI for all. Salesforce was one of the first SaaS platforms to act impromptu to bring the GPT sense to CRM. Combining GPT with Einstein, Salesforce now has an army of five to make AI accessible to every sector (Sales, Service, Marketing, Slack & SFDC developments) that will influence the customer-facing businesses to close deals and address concerns faster & better. If you are looking forward to a built a career in Salesforce as the new GPT prompter or be truly inclusive of GPT for your Salesforce-driven processes then do keep an eye on the Einstein GPT Announcement Zone.

Einstein And Cloudy at Salesforce Dreamforce 2022

Data Posts to Supercharge the AI Zones
Walk the AI-Data Bridge at Dreamforce 

It can be a little embarrassing when you get to learn, that Salesforce knows your customers a little better. There is no trickery, but purely data, as data doesn’t lie. AI models like cloud GPTs meticulously run on your Customer 360 data to give you the most accurate predictions every time. Therefore, before you start investing in your AI future, try attending the Data and AI Keynote this Dreamforce 2023. 

NB: An artificial intelligence (AI) model is a computer program or algorithm that uses training data to identify patterns and make forecasts or judgments. An AI model can analyze and forecast data more accurately the more data points it gets.

BaAr is Coming Down Town to Surf the San Francisco Bay
So Do Drop By & Say Hi

We are hella excited about this year’s Dreamforce because DataArchiva’s Ribbiting BaAr is to debut. A sole archive amphibian and star-surfer is coming to teach you some archiving maneuvers to glide through the data ocean, to keep your Salesforce clean, in a lean way. It’s going to be a true blue show, to see him perform, stay in touch with  DataArchiva. We have also opened up a portal for an early registration here ?https://www.dataarchiva.com/dreamforce-2023/

Learn It To Earn It!
Dreamforce Bootcamps, your Persona catalyst

Salesforce training is optional, false, that’s a ridiculous statement! Salesforce has some really amazing stories on how Trailblazers have transitioned to high-priority roles just with Salesforce. Dreamforce is just a 3D diorama to reflect the impact in real time. For some jam-packed learning, fast forward your trailhead learning track with Dreamforce Bootcamps to get hands-on with Salesforce if you want to become a Salesforce admin, architect, flow builder, marketing cloud email specialist, or data architect to be a part o the Salesforce ecosystem. Moreover, it won’t clash with the sessions, therefore if you are visiting Dreamforce with a pre-planned learning goal, you are good to go. 

The Dreamfest Funfest
Salesforce is calling Foo Fighters Downtown!

The greatest AI event of 2023 will be incomplete, without rock & roll. Dreamfest is an iconic ‌rock-out of the event arranged by Salesforce every year where they invite a band to perform at that event, which we all have our eyes on. The Foo Fighters are hitting some major power chords this year and will be fund-raising for UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital, so don’t miss out on them as you get inspired by the innovation of all-mindblowing Dreamforce 2023 to experience AI at large

Also, if ‌this to-do list has helped you ‌revise your plans for Dreamforce 2023, then welcome! 

For more updates on Dreamforce, stay tuned & keep an eye on the social media handles of DataArchiva

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