How DataArchiva Helps Salesforce Customers Archive Old Data Using Their AWS Cloud

Welcome to the third and the last part of our ‘Archive with your AWS’ blog series. This blog discusses data storage challenges in Salesforce and how to prepare for archiving with DataArchiva by leveraging the AWS cloud.

This blog series is preceded by two other; Benefits Of Archiving Salesforce Data Using AWS CloudHow To Archive Salesforce Data Using AWS Cloud. The following will confirm ‘how’ and ‘why’ you should use AWS cloud to archive Salesforce data with DataArchiva. 

For instance, DataArchiva provides a secure and easy-to-use solution to archive Salesforce data on the AWS cloud. Further, it allows users to access archiving automation with better scalability and cost-efficiency. Let’s understand with an example, how Lawson LLP can unlock the hidden profitability with DataArchiva for Salesforce data storage management. 

Say Hello To Lawson LLP

Embarking on a journey to success on the world’s #1 CRM platform, Salesforce

Say Hello To Lawson LLP using Salesforce | DataArchiva

Lawson LLP, one of the trusted legal advisors in the US, uses Salesforce to enrich the digital experience for its clients. Their mission is to meet ‌customer demands while creating new customers, but faster & better. Optimizing their Sales & Service cloud processes was the target. In the spew of bringing change, recently, they’ve integrated other external systems including their AWS cloud, with Salesforce to have a single business view. Plus, few third-party apps to sprint the processes in their Salesforce system. 

This accelerated the process thrice. Lawsons has started getting more leads; the chatter feeds are pouring in compliments for their new service revamps. Promises are met, but over several clauses. Let’s learn, what storage challenges they encountered in Salesforce back then. 

Initial Challenges

How Lawsons met the urgency to counter the additional data storage costs associated with the recent changes in Salesforce

Lawson LLP data storage challenges in Salesforce | DataArchiva

As the Hebru quote goes – troubles come in packs. As more emails & cases were added over time, it soon started competing over ‌storage space in Salesforce. The sales reps are at their wit’s end as they have already reached 90% of Salesforce’s ‌data storage limit. Lawsons added 15 new customers this week and soon they will start emailing inquiries to their associates. It’s only a matter of time before they have to upgrade their data storage in Salesforce. 

As they were already paying to maintain Salesforce connectors for the conjugated systems. The immediate suggestion was to have a custom-built process that could make use of the Salesforce connectors and move the data immediately to secondary storage and restore the org back to life. But setting up an archiving process via Salesforce- AWS Integrated channels can take weeks or even months. 

Joining Forces With DataArchiva

How Lawsons ‌archived their data from Salesforce using AWS without upgrading their data storage

Lawsons ‌archived their data from Salesforce using AWS without upgrading their data storage | DataArchiva

When Lawsons were struggling to keep their heads above water, they found DataArchiva on AppExchange. It is an application that supports data archiving via Salesforce-AWS integration. After a few inquiries, they got to know, that they no more have to pay extra charges for Salesforce connectors to integrate their external systems like AWS cloud, if they are using DataArchiva. There was no look back. DataArchiva’s External Archiving solution was a clear winner. 

Let’s take a look at how Lawson LLP is making a fortune out of the six other gorgeous advantages of DataArchiva and its enhanced data archiving capabilities post Salesforce-AWS integration

1) Fastest Initial Data Offloading Speed: DataArchiva’s next-gen data archiving capabilities help customers seamlessly perform the initial offloading job to archive legacy data from Salesforce org to MySQL, MS SQL, ‌Redshift, or Postgres databases.

2) Automatic Data Archiving From Salesforce To AWS: DataArchiva allows the customer to archive selected Salesforce objects (E-mail messages, Tasks, Cases, Field History & others) to AWS (MySQL, MS SQL, ‌Redshift, or Postgres database) without the need for an additional integration tool.

3) Ease Of Archiving Automation: Customers can use the auto-scheduler option of DataArchiva to automate the entire process without any manual intervention.

DataArchiva is great for data archival outside salesforce

4) Magical Pull Process Of Archiving: DataArchiva’s revolutionary archiving process can help to perform the archiving job without impacting the business processes. 

5) Ability To Access, And Restore Data From Archives: Even though your archived data resides externally within any database ‌choice, ‌customers can still view the data in Salesforce.

6) Meeting ROI: By archiving Salesforce data within your database in your AWS cloud, you can save largely on the data storage costs while maximizing your ROI, as an additional archiving advantage. 

DataArchiva strives to keep your processes streamlined when you archive your business data from Salesforce. A comprehensive archiving application that ‌advocates for all Salesforce users across industry verticals. Want to know more about Salesforce data archiving? Want to connect your Salesforce cloud with AWS? Want to see how it’s possible with DataArchiva? Contact us today.

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