How does DataArchiva Ensure Salesforce Users get 10X+Business ROI through Archiving?

Businesses across the globe indeed differ from each other in several respects, but the aspect that binds them together is the fact that each of them wants a better return on investment (ROI) for their business. With the volume of enterprise data increasing exponentially, leading organizations are always looking for ways to simplify the data management processes in Salesforce. In this respect, enterprise data archiving strategies have witnessed a massive boom in terms of adoption & implementation.

These data archiving strategies not only ensure the data in Salesforce is being managed both appropriately & holistically but also give the business ROI a much-needed push forward. Our enterprise-grade data archiving solution for Salesforce, DataArchiva is an example of one such archiving strategy. Using this solution, users can leverage external cloud (AWS, Azure, Heroku, GCP) & on-premise platforms to conveniently archive legacy data into their preferred external database (Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, Redshift).

Now let’s understand how the AppExchange application guarantees that Salesforce enterprises will get nearly 10X+ ROI by implementing it.

Cost Saving

One of the primary means of boosting the business ROI is bringing down the original cost of investment. This includes some unavoidable costs like license costs, the cost to purchase add-on Salesforce features, and/or the cost of getting advanced developer tools. But in some cases, this also includes the (totally avoidable) cost of purchasing additional data storage space from Salesforce. Using DataArchiva, enterprises can easily archive rarely-used, legacy data into their preferred external database by simply leveraging their choice of cloud/on-premise platform. This way they can free up a significant amount of storage space & avoid paying the hefty prices to purchase additional data storage. With the investment costs going down, the ROI automatically gets a boost.

Improvement of the CRM Performance

Since companies rely on Salesforce to keep their business moving smoothly & profitably if the application’s performance suffers, so does the business. Now there can be lots of reasons behind it like technical debt, Apex CPU timeout error, cache issue, or just the thing that your Org has a lot of data. Another manner in which DataArchiva boosts the business ROI is by improving the system’s performance. With all the old & redundant, yet important, data out of the way and safely archived into the external database, a lot of data storage space can be freed up. This directly means more available storage for new data records, faster page loading, reduced delays within the Salesforce application, & faster customer service; all of which give the ROI a much-needed boost.

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Increased User Productivity

The business’s success is directly controlled by the way its employees perform their tasks. With Salesforce allowing users to attend to customers faster, build sales pipelines efficiently, manage their time effectively, & foster better collaboration, it significantly increases the efficiency & productivity of the users. But all of this can’t happen if something is holding the users back, say loads & loads of data in the Org. Having to sift through unnecessary, redundant data records just to find a specific record is a major productivity killer. As DataArchiva takes these redundant records out of the live production level, it notably contributes towards enhancing the user productivity; which in turn instantly boosts the overall ROI for the business.

Advanced Reporting 

The real reason most enterprises retain large amounts of data in their Org is either due to compliance or because of its importance in making better business decisions. The more the amount of data, the better will the decisions be. But with great data, comes the great responsibility of managing it efficiently. DataArchiva helps users in this aspect as it makes the entire process of data management more seamless & efficient. But in addition to this, the app also enables users to bring in different BI tools to integrate with the Salesforce system & generate advanced reports. For this, DataArchiva brings together the live & archived data & makes it available for the BI tool. Possessing these reports allows business leaders to make better decisions for their business, ultimately enhancing the ROI.

Avoiding Hefty Compliance Penalties

Businesses are always at the risk of violating the regulatory compliance guidelines, the result of which is forfeiting huge amounts of money as penalties. For example, the penalty of non-compliance with GDPR can range anywhere from €10-€20 million or 2%-4% of the company’s annual revenue, whichever is higher. In the same manner, CCPA penalties can range from $2500-$7500, depending on the severity of the non-compliance. With DataArchiva, companies can easily retain large amounts of data in the external database (without straining the internal storage) & adhere to both internal and external compliance requirements. This not only saves them from paying hefty fines & penalties but also boosts their overall business ROI.

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What More with DataArchiva?

It’s true DataArchiva fosters 10X+ ROI for businesses, but that’s not all that it does! In fact, the application helps business leaders in optimizing their data storage in Salesforce, reducing the storage costs by over 90%, improving their app’s performance by 5 times, & boosting regulatory compliance. Sounds good, right? You can check out this product datasheet for more information about the application & its features.

If you still have any doubts about the role of DataArchiva in helping you unlock better ROI for your business, please get in touch with us or schedule a quick demo of the app.

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