Let's talk about cold Data over Hot coffee

AI+ Data +CRM being the talk of Dreamforce, there are some racing needs that must be addressed first. 

We thought it was just the right time to catch some ‌rays on the cold data as well.

Cold data in Salesforce mostly comprises data collected from closed accounts, closed opportunities, policy details & files that are older than five or more years, and have fewer chances to be revisited but are archived for compliance or internal retention purposes.

And, it doesn’t raise an alarm until it makes up over 60% of your data storage space and continues to lie in your live data repository, cold data is bound to freeze up your CRM performance, overall. 

Cold Data vs. Slowing Down ‌of Salesforce

Imagine your Salesforce storage as a frozen sea, where your org data is an iceberg. When you are running your cloud process, the system only considers the tip of the iceberg to run the org, and the rest remains hidden as cold data, occupying a massive amount of your data storage.

Cold Data vs Slowing Down ‌of Salesforce | DataArchiva

If not addressed early,  the cold data growth is bound to cut the Salesforce revenue funnel, affecting data-driven decisions, slowing down your sales reps’ or service agents’ productivity, and crushing ‌customer confidence in your brand & business.

Act Fast & Keep Your Salesforce Functional 

Overall, with cloud GPTs in Salesforce, ‌fast-response teams are more consistent than ever.
Salesforce’s Einstein GPT will provide more than 200 billion AI-powered predictions per day, so Salesforce users are already feeling the impact.

As all the Einstein GPT apps focus on predictions based on hot data or real-time feeds from customer 360,  it requires a coherent data flow in the Salesforce system. If you are storing data in bulk within your primary data storage space, the system might not digest the data growth well and lead to a snowball effect. 

The Snowball effect of AI-Driven Data | DataArchiva

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Salesforce Legacy Data Management & Cold Data Archives

In order to prevent ‌data growth from spawning in your Salesforce storage space, you need to ensure that you have a robust data management strategy and one of which includes archiving old or cold data from your primary data storage space.

Here are the benefits of cold data archiving in Salesforce-

  • Boots resilience & compliance for data-at-rest3
  • Saves additional storage costs in Salesforce
  • Immediate performance boost
  • Acquire stellar efficiency to scale & plan agile moves in Salesforce

Did you know: On average, growth in business data year on year, amounts to 50%?

Strong data management for cold data archives also requires a sound archiving application that makes data readily accessible in your Salesforce when needed while transforming workloads into cloud processes. 

A Salesforce integration specialist once said, “A well-architected system enables scalable innovation.” Therefore, if you are looking forward to making smart adaptations in Salesforce ‌to manage your cold data situation, DataArchiva is ideal to rely on.

“Impressive Product, Very Well-Architected
We found Data Archiva Native Archiving to be a very user-friendly tool, easy to install and configure. We were able to start using the product in a few hours and start archiving. The team has been very helpful and supportive from the first day we engaged with them.

Srinivas Poruri

DataArchiva is a well-architected data archiving application, which keeps you consistent with your storage management chores in Salesforce. You can run any archiving jobs on your cold data in Salesforce and retain it the way you want, in your own database with 100% archive control & ownership. So, pin your trail & do look out for us at Dreamforce 2023. 

Let’s Discuss Cold Data & DataArchiva at Dreamforce 2023

Adhering to the true Dreamforce motto to learn, connect, and grow, we are coming downtown to save you from a shipwreck at Salesforce data ocean. As a unified CEPTES product, we will be showcasing our flagship data management solution, DataArchiva, accompanied by BaAr the sole archive amphibian, to get surfing the data sea in no time. 

DataArchiva’s archiving apps are perfect for managing your cold data situation before you hit the Salesforce storage extremes. It comes with a sea of agile features to automate the archiving process with built-in security to protect your data at rest. 

And, here is how DataArchiva is helping top enterprises & global brands to stay at the surface with strategic data management. 

We identify by Salesforce badges as Salesforce Partner Innovation Award Winners, and APAC Partner of the Year, Salesforce India Partner Ideathon Award, so it won’t be difficult to spot us at Dreamforce. 

The entire DataArchiva team will be there at Dreamforce from September 12 to 14 th. So be an early bird and register with this link –

COLD DATA & HOT COFFEE? Count me in!

A pre-Dreamforce huddle we will go ‌live with a webinar on: How to Tap Maximized ROI from Dreamforce 2023: A Deep Dive into Salesforce’s Biggest Tech Event, dated 6th September, Wednesday, 11:00 AM EDT. To register for the Webinar from the link below ⏬


If you are still reading, then Bingo! Here are a few more tips on how to blaze your trAIls at Dreamforce 2023!

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