Live Webinar: How to Ensure Compliance & Security in Salesforce Data Archive

Do you recall that meme saying – “You Shall Never Delete Your Salesforce Data” 

If you try and trace back, you will find it as the top trending Salesforce meme that’s ever been shared and it’s not going to die out any sooner. Have ever wondered why? Or why is it forbidden to delete records from Salesforce data storage?

Minus the humor, you are ‘forbidden by law’ to delete records from the Salesforce storage space. 

You may ask, “Isn’t the assigned 10GB too little for the growing traffic at my Salesforce systems?”

Well, here is the catch. Even though you are forbidden to delete data, no one told you you cannot move the unused data out of your Salesforce and have them archived at your desired destination. To know how to keep your data – compliant & secure in the Salesforce data archive 

DataArchiva is Your answer! 

Join us for a live discussion on – How to Ensure Compliance & Security in Salesforce Data Archive. This trending topic will be discussed under the blazing trails of our data management experts for Salesforce, this May 11,  2023,  at 11:00 AM EDT & 3:30 PM AEST. This session is apt for attendees IT & Security leaders or who are looking forward to having a powerful data archive strategy, ensuring the highest compliance & security standards. 

Also, the objective of this session is to provide a solution as we discuss the current challenges in maintaining security for Salesforce data archives. On the contrary, how DataArchiva can defeat the retention trouble for compliance. Explaining why DataArchiva is the most preferred data archive application for Salesforce to date and its ‘Beyond Archiving’ capabilities to seamlessly meet compliance demands & ensuring 100% data security.

If you want to be a part of this smart solution for your never-ending data trouble, this session is sure to bridge the credibility gap in making the best out of Salesforce. 

Concisely Here are the Key Takeaways from the Webinar 

  1. Importance of Data Archive in Salesforce
  2. Role of Archiving in Compliance Management
  3. Why IT & Security Leaders are Choosing DataArchiva
  4. 6 Ways to Ensure Compliance & Security in Salesforce Data Archive

Before it slips away from your mind – Reserve your seat today!

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