About the Webinar

Our speakers Rakesh (VP, Product Sales) & Libin (Partner Alliance Manager) spoke about how the entire Salesforce ecosystem including Salesforce customers using Salesforce apps, Salesforce customers using various AppExchange solutions (OEMs as well) along with the Salesforce apps, Salesforce AppExchange partners, and Salesforce consulting partners can leverage the power of DataArchiva, the #1 Salesforce data archive solution to transform modern data management needs. The webinar also introduced our recently embarked channel/product partnership program & how Salesforce partners (ISV, OEM, Consulting) can be a part of it to drive higher customer success.

About the Speakers

Rakesh, who leads the product sales at CEPTES comes with over 20 years of sales experience and works with multiple Salesforce customers & partners for the last many years. He has been aiding Salesforce customers to address multiple challenges related to unmanaged data growth & help them set up a long-term data strategy that includes archive, backup & recovery, file and document management. Libin, who is our Partner Alliance Manager, works closely with other Salesforce ISV, OEM, & Consulting partners in order to help them streamline their customer’s Salesforce Orgs with highly optimized data & file storage, and automated backups to prevent data loss.

Download the webinar presentation here.

Webinar Summary

Rakesh started the session with an overview of how data volume rises within a Salesforce app with a growing business and what types of complex challenges are emerging due to this unmanaged data growth. Some of the top challenges he highlighted were storage management, performance optimization & data retention for compliance demands. Following this, Rakesh spoke about the role of enterprise data archive in Salesforce & how Salesforce customers are using this future-proof strategy to address the data growth challenges. While talking about DataArchiva, which has taken the data management segment in Salesforce by storm with its next-level capabilities, Rakesh briefly explained who is using DataArchiva today & who should consider having a transformational application like this for their Salesforce app.

In the next part of the session, Rakesh also showcased multiple use cases of DataArchiva where he particularly highlighted how different Salesforce users & partners are utilizing the app to hone their data management needs in Salesforce. During this discussion, Rakesh also talked about the efficacy of DataArchiva for Salesforce applications like Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Platform solutions, as well as how AppExchange applications, OEM applications, and Salesforce AppExchange & Consulting partners are achieving critical business success with the data archiving app.

Watch the On-demand Session here.

Finally, Libin introduced the ‘Sail Along Program’ where he explained our Channel/Product partnership models and their business benefits. He also presented a few real-time customer & partner use cases where DataArchiva enabled them to meet their critical data/business goals.

During the webinar, for the first time ever, we unlocked our next-gen Data Management Suite for Salesforce that includes Archive (Native & External), Backup & Recovery, File Management & Document Generation applications & how these applications together can supercharge your business by managing your data, files & documents in a highly efficient way that helps you optimize your Salesforce org, protect data/files, improve accessibility, enhance overall application performance, experience a complete 360-degree of business and automate document generation process.

If you want to know more about our Data Management Suite or want to be a part of your Sail Along Program, please get in touch now at [email protected].

Hope you enjoyed this webinar & looking forward to hosting you soon again with another interesting topic & session. Until then, goodbye!

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DataArchiva offers three powerful applications through AppExchange including Native Data Archiving powered by BigObjects, External Data Archiving using 3rd-party Cloud/On-prem Platforms, and Data & Metadata Backup & Recovery for Salesforce. For more info, please get in touch with us at [email protected]
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