Salesforce Data Backup Built on AWS S3 : How to be the Master of your Backup Data

Data, in the Salesforce ecosystem, is one of the most valuable assets the enterprise has. As businesses spend a lot of time building their proprietary data & information, it often holds the key to their competitive advantage in the market. But there is no denying the fact that this data is always at constant risk and keeping it protected yet consistently available is more critical than ever.

Threats to data are on the rise; from phishing, ransomware, & malicious attacks to accidental human errors; which can wreak serious havoc on the business’s ability to operate and result in financial disruption & upset customers. Therefore, every business needs a solid Salesforce data backup & recovery solution to save time & retain its competitive advantage, when faced with a major data loss event.

Need for Salesforce Data Backup

Data backup is extremely important when dealing with a massive volume of business-critical Salesforce data. Creating multiple copies of data & storing them in different locations goes a long way in safeguarding the sanctity of Salesforce data. A few of the most common reasons behind data backup have been mentioned below:

  • Data Protection– One of the primary reasons behind Salesforce data backup is protecting the large volumes of data from accidental modification or deletion by the users. Not only this, data backup also protects data from being exposed to malicious attacks like hacking, phishing & ransomware.
  • Compliance– In certain cases, data backup is also used as means for adhering to different internal policies & external regulatory compliance guidelines that the companies are governed by.

Why Backup

  • Maintaining Business Continuity– In case of a data breach, if data backups are regular & up-to-date, enterprises can quickly recover their backed up data, letting them quickly bring back their operations & boost business continuity, without any impact on the performance.
  • Ease of Management– Data backup also fosters easy management in the Salesforce enterprise, especially when the business deals in sensitive data, and lets users backup their data consistently and regularly.
  • Cost Savings– Last but not the least, data backup also helps enterprises control their costs by reducing operational downtimes & boosting business productivity.

DataArchiva Backup: A Trusted Data Backup & Recovery Solution for Salesforce

To take care of their data backup & recovery needs, most enterprises turn towards different backup solutions available on the Salesforce AppExchange. One such popular application is DataArchiva Backup, our flagship solution. This robust data backup & recovery solution is especially designed to help Salesforce enterprises overcome all their fears of losing Salesforce data by allowing them to back up their sensitive data securely to safeguard it against all possible disasters.


What attracts most customers towards DataArchiva Backup is the fact that it leverages the secure AWS S3 cloud storage to backup the business-critical Salesforce data. The application also ensures that the backed up data is held securely within the AWS cloud infrastructure. Now let’s understand some of the primary reasons why specifically AWS S3 is used for the backup processes.

Why Does DataArchiva Backup Use AWS S3 to Keep Salesforce Backup Data?

The enterprises that adhere to the cardinal best practice of Salesforce data backup, the 3-2-1 backup rule, have to keep at least one copy of their backup data in an off-site cloud storage. Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service), an object storage service in AWS, provides a low-cost, scalable cloud storage location for secure off-site Salesforce data protection. For this reason, AWS S3 happens to be one of the most chosen options among all cloud storages.


This is one of the reasons why even our enterprise-grade Salesforce data backup & recovery application leverages the AWS S3 cloud storage as its backup storage. Following is a list of some other reasons why DataArchiva Backup uses AWS S3 storage:

  • No Data Exposure– Unlike other popular data backup solutions that backup Salesforce data within the provider’s cloud infrastructure, DataArchiva Backup allows the enterprises to leverage their own AWS S3 cloud storage to store their backed up Salesforce data. In this manner, DataArchiva Backup never comes in contact with the enterprise’s data, acting as just the backup medium instead. It also ensures that the sensitive data is never exposed to external elements, not even to the backup solution that facilitates the entire backup process.
  • Complete Control over Data– Because of using their own AWS S3 storage, DataArchiva Backup provides the Salesforce users with complete control over their backed up data at all times. As the Salesforce data is backed up within the organization’s private cloud storage, it is always easily accessible to the users at the drop of a hat.
  • Data Visibility– Not only data accessibility, backing up data in the AWS S3 cloud using DataArchiva Backup also allows users, with proper permissions in place, to easily view their backed up data anytime they wish. This comes in handy when specific data records are to be searched from among the pool of different data backup versions.
  • Ease of Use with Salesforce Customer 360– Even customers using the Customer 360 tool to connect several of their Salesforce apps don’t have to worry when backing up data generated from various sources. Leveraging the AWS S3 storage, DataArchiva Backup easily backs up critical data from all these sources providing users with complete control over their data & keeping it accessible for them, even during downtime.
  • Seamless Data Recovery– Another plus point of using one’s own AWS S3 storage to hold the backed up Salesforce data is the ease with which data can be recovered back into the live Salesforce instance of the Org. DataArchiva Backup facilitates seamless & quick recovery of backed up Salesforce data, whenever required.
  • Cost Efficiency– Using AWS S3’s capabilities, DataArchiva Backup can cost-effectively safeguard critical business data within the cloud, without sacrificing performance. Backing up data within AWS S3 can also help in significantly reducing the firm’s total cost of Salesforce data ownership.


More About DataArchiva Backup

DataArchiva Backup is an easy-to-use application that offers both full and differential data backup services that can be handled either manually or can be periodically scheduled in advance. Another great factor of this solution is it’s quick, reliable & seamless data recovery option. Being cost-effective and user-friendly, this solution is ideal for enterprises that are looking to implement a long-term data management strategy for their Salesforce system.

To know more about the application, get in touch with us or schedule a demo today.

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