Spooktober is finally here! There’s a chill in the air, jack-o’-lanterns are being carved & lit up, scary costumes are being brought out of the closets, & children are gearing up for a night of ‘trick-or-treating’. Are you also looking forward to a night of binge-watching spooky, creepy Halloween-special movies on Netflix, because we sure have similar plans. Now is also the perfect time to huddle around the campfire & tell scary stories to each other.

And what’s more scary than Salesforce data management. Come’on, those who know, know! When compared to stories like ‘The Bell Witch’, ‘His Face All Red’, & ‘The Crying Lady in the Dakota’, Salesforce customers will unanimously agree that stories like ‘The Tale of Mismatched Records’ & ‘The Time Compliance Was Difficult’ are far more bloodcurdling.

Since we are up-to-no-good, we’ll tell everyone the hair-raising story of Andrew, the Salesforce admin in a popular technology firm, who somehow survived the fright night when his Salesforce data growth turned against him…

So one dark & stormy afternoon, Andrew sat in front of his system, believing his enterprise’s Salesforce data to be snuggled safely in the cloud. Little was he aware of the ominous events unfolding all around him, that were about to shatter his sense of security. Suddenly, without any prior warning, a peculiar message popped up on this screen, startling him.


What? How is this possible? There was so much data storage in our Org. How can the data storage limit be exceeded?”, thought Andrew. As he began reviewing things, he discovered a previous, less urgent & less threatening email from Salesforce pointing out that his Salesforce Org had exhausted 90% data storage space. “Oh God, how could I miss out on such an important email”, was all he could lament as the ominous message continued to flash on his screen.

Oh no, wasn’t the compliance manager supposed to come tomorrow. Well, the timing couldn’t be better. Now what will I do?”, his thoughts ran astray as he remembered the meeting he had with his associate regarding the Salesforce data governance & GDPR compliance requirements, due the very next day.

I’ll just talk to Samantha in finance and ask her to release some funds to let me purchase more data storage space”, thinking that he relaxed a little. But his peace of mind was short-lived. As he researched purchasing additional data storage space, he discovered how expensive it actually was. And to think that they would have to make this purchase almost every other month, it was like he could already see Samantha saying no to his proposal.

But something had to be done about the issue. “Sure, I’ll just try deleting some old data from the data storage. That ought to free up some space”, but even that solution didn’t last long. None of the teams were ready to let Andrew delete any data, even if the data was very old, because of various compliance & audit reasons. “These people are not giving me any way out of this situation. Now I am running out of options here, what do I do?”, he continued thinking as his personal fright night continued.

Finally, he thought of talking to Derek, the company’s IT whiz & his good friend, about what course of action he could take further. “Well man, what do I say?”, said Derek, “It’s a very limited storage space that we get in our Org. And we have been using it to store all kinds of information & records. How long did you expect it to last?” “Yes, all that is true but how do I rectify it now? I can’t purchase more Salesforce data storage since it’s very expensive nor can I delete any old data, so what should I do?”, questioned Andrew.

Why don’t you archive some of the data?” said Derek, “There are so many solutions available on the AppExchange that you can use for this. Like here, have a look at this solution, DataArchiva.” Oh yes, Salesforce data archiving! Why didn’t I think of it before? It would have saved me so much time & effort”, Andrew agreed with Derek as he talked about that data archiving application, DataArchiva.

Yes, look DataArchiva lets you archive the old Salesforce data into any external database of your choice like Postgres, Redshift, MSSQL, MySQL, & even Oracle. And to do this, you can leverage any external cloud platform like AWS, Heroku, Azure, GCP, or even the on-premise platforms. Oh and look, to perform this integration, they don’t even use any additional integration tool”, continued Derek, browsing DataArchiva’s AppExchange page.

And man, the benefits of this application seem to be endless. Look, the application claims to be the fastest data archiving solution in the market. It also gives 10X times better ROI, reduces over 85-90% of Salesforce data storage costs & improves the CRM’s performance by 10X times. Oh and you can adhere to your Salesforce data retention & regulatory compliance directives better by using this solution. See, they support so many types of data archiving techniques & also let you use additional BI tools so you can generate faster & better reports.”, said Derek.

Yes, you’re right Derek. I think this is such a useful application when it comes to Salesforce data archiving & I think, using it, my Salesforce data management challenges will also be reduced. Ha, why wait then? I’ll get in touch with their technical team right away. Thanks for the suggestion, man. See you later”, piped Andrew, coming back to his desk to check out DataArchiva properly.

And with this, Andrew’s misfortunes finally ended as he discovered he could leverage DataArchiva in his system to resolve the issue of exceeding his Salesforce data storage. But not all admins are lucky enough to survive the untold horrors of Salesforce data management. The secret to do so lies in adopting enterprise-grade data archiving solutions, like DataArchiva, in the system & then using these Salesforce data management platforms to create long-term data management strategies.

If you also want to implement DataArchiva to fulfill your Salesforce data archiving requirements, then please get in touch with our dedicated team of technical experts who are standing by, ready to help you. You can also watch the app in action by scheduling a free demo with us.

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