Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity in Salesforce

In the face of uncertainty, business continuity and disaster recovery pave the path to business resiliency.

Your business should be prepared well in advance to mitigate the unexpected business disruptions that can happen. Your future growth trajectory entirely resides in this action. Disaster recovery and business continuity go hand-in-hand. Having all your user-generated data on Salesforce, being aware of this concept is very much critical. Always understanding what they both are is very crucial for your business. Only then you can have a ready or tailor-made solution when the above strikes your organization. Without a good strategy in place, whatever the magnitude of your Salesforce data loss, you will have to suffer great financial and reputational implications.

What is Disaster Recovery?

Your business plan to retrieve your data when a data loss incident occurs (human or man-made) is called disaster recovery. Potential events such as natural disasters, fires, data breaches, cyber-attacks, acts of terrorism, accidents, and active shooter situations can disrupt the normal operations of a business. To effectively respond to these incidents and resume regular operations safely, it is essential to have disaster recovery plans in place. These plans serve as guidance for the organization, outlining the necessary steps and measures to be taken in order to restore normalcy.

What is Disaster Recovery?

What is Business Continuity?

When a disaster occurs and still being able to operate even during those crucial times is called business continuity. Business continuity encompasses the measures and strategies employed by organizations to effectively handle unforeseen events that could potentially disrupt their regular operations. Within a business continuity plan, procedures are established to support the ongoing functioning and swift recovery of critical functions, operations, and services in the face of disasters or interruptions to normal operations.

What is Business Continuity?


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Difference Between Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
  • In essence, business continuity is centered around ensuring the continuous operation of a business during and immediately after a disaster, while disaster recovery primarily focuses on the restoration of processes, IT infrastructure, and data following a significant event.
  • The objective of disaster recovery is to maintain operations, minimize downtime, meet customer demands, protect against ransomware, and mitigate financial losses caused by disasters. On the other hand, business continuity concentrates on regular business procedures and ensuring that customer service remains at a satisfactory level.
  • During significant catastrophes, disaster recovery primarily centers around the recovery of technology and data infrastructure, with the goal of restoring the internal components of the business and enabling it to resume operations. On the other hand, business continuity utilizes whatever functional aspects of the business remain to sustain its operations temporarily until a permanent solution can be established.
  • Although businesses typically include disaster recovery as a component of their comprehensive business continuity plans, it is important to note that disaster recovery planning is just one element among many within the broader framework of business continuity.
Strategize a BCDR plan for your business

By implementing appropriate strategies, policies, and procedures, any business can establish a comprehensive plan for business continuity and disaster recovery, effectively mitigating the risks associated with Salesforce data loss. Since you own your data, it is very important for you to carefully draft a strategy so that your organization’s routine tasks never get interrupted under any circumstances. 

Companies lacking a business continuity and disaster recovery (BCDR) plan are unable to withstand or rebound from significant disasters, often leading to operational shutdowns. Studies indicate that over 90 percent of businesses without a DR plan fail within a year after experiencing a major disaster. Comparable to an insurance policy, a BCDR plan serves as a safeguard for organizations. BCDR programs aid in minimizing overall risk, swiftly recovering operations post-outage or disruption, mitigating data loss risks, and shielding against harm to reputation.

Disaster Recovery vs. Business Continuity in Salesforce

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